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Buzzards Back in Center; City: Don't Shoot, Call

The buzzard problem is once again plaguing areas of the City of Center, and city administration is asking for citizens to not take it upon themselves to rid the problem. Assistant City Manager Jim Gibson says if you live inside the city and observe buzzards roosting in your area, contact the Code Enforcement Officer at 598-2055, and an employee can visit your property and investigate the issue to take appropriate action. Gibson said the city has obtained permits from the Department of the Interior to destroy red and black head vultures/buzzards to discourage their roosting patterns over the years. Since these are migratory birds, they’re protected by federal laws, and do not attempt to shoot or destroy any of these birds. The City of Center has a non-lethal way that’s proven effective in the past, and will continue until the birds leave, according to Gibson. He said the Center Police Department has received several calls concerning individuals firing at the buzzards outside the City Limits.

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