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School News

Joaquin HS Graduation Information

Joaquin High School Graduation will take place on the Ram Football Field. Each senior participating in the ceremony will be given ten (10) tickets for family/friends to attend. This includes two (2) tickets for parents/guardians to accompany the graduate and be seated on the field, and eight (8) tickets for spectators in the stands while practicing safe social distancing. The ceremony is not open to the public. Tickets are required to be admitted. This is in accordance with state and local mandates due to COVID-19 occupancy restrictions. The ceremony will be live streamed for the public with a link provided on the Joaquin ISD Webpage and Facebook page. We look forward to celebrating and honoring our high school graduates!  


Submitted by: Terri Gray, Joaquin JH/HS Principal


Center High School Scholarship Awards Class of 2020 

Center High School Scholarship Awards 

Class of 2020 

Military Service – US Army GI Bill: Corey Denney 


Community and School Organizations 


Badders Law Firm – Tyler Herndon 


Center High School Band Boosters: Jessica Alvarado, Beyonce Bell, Karolina Contreras, Lesly Gonzalez, Kamryn Holt, Krystal Keys, Raimi Phillips, Raylee Wilburn 


Center ISD Employee: Collin Cooper, Jasmine Ramirez, Benjamin Galindo, Mallory Fausett, Nathan Myers, Alec Dykes, Tyler Herndon, Keelan Williams, Ezekiel Arcibar, Joshua Barbee, Jeremiah Calhoun, Jasmine Cooks, Starla Fischer, Dakota Wagstaff Non-CHS graduates: Aziha Glenn, Mitchell Fountain, Austyn Pruett, Samuel Brazzel, Jamie Stephens 


Center Noon Lions Club: Caroline Scull 


Center Rotary Club: Nina Walker 


Citizens Bank: Jace Covington, Marchelle Goodwin, Isaac Rushing, Kade Whisenant 


Daughters of the Republic of Texas: Tyler Herndon, Alexis Lopez 


Ducks Unlimited-Darren Wilson Golf: Alec Dykes 


Dixie League National Award: Tyler Herndon 


East Texas Communities – John R. Harris (renewable 3 yrs) : Taylor Burch, Mallory Fausett, Benjamin Galindo 


Eta Rho: Mallory Fausett, Caroline Scull 


Farmers State Bank: Tyler Herndon 


Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative: Kelsey Adair, Kamren Bowden, Taylor Burch, Mallory Fausett, Benjamin Galindo, Stephanie Gonzalez, Tyler Herndon, Kamryn Holt, Isaac Rushing, Jazmin Guevara-Velaquez, Raylee Wilburn 


General Shelters: Jace Covington, Joseph Hutto, Israel Mendez 


Hemphill Lions Club: Kalei LaRock 


Dr. Joe B. Hooker Memorial: Keelan Williams 


Jackson Baptist Church: Kamryn Holt 


Mangum Funeral Home – Jacelyn Rhone 


PortACool (renewable 4 yrs) – Alan Tello 


Sam Samford Lodge #149: Lesly Perez-Gonzalez, Kamryn Holt, Jacelyn Rhone 


Spanish Club CHS: Jessica Alvarado, Blanca Ramirez Baez, Stephanie Gonzalez, Israel Mendez, Angie Morales, Tha Zin Mu, Rosalinda Rojas Eh Soe 


Shelby Savings Bank: Jocelyn Berry, Kamryn Holt 


Shelby County Bass Anglers – In memory of Stanley Burgay: Kelsey Adair, Taylor Burch, Alec Dykes, Jacelyn Rhone 


Shelby County Bass Anglers: Kelsey Adair, Kamren Bowden, Cayden Chessher, Jace Covington, Tyler Herndon, Kamryn Holt 


Shelby County Cruisers: Aaron Scates 


Shelby County Farm Bureau: Jocelyn Berry, Bethany Kaluza 


Area Go Texan – Mark Perkins 


Shelby County Friends of Go Texan: Jessica Alvarado, Lena Amburn, Ranna Arndt, Jocelyn Berry, Kamren Bowden, Taylor Burch, Dayton Bush, Emily Cervantes, Joshua Clinton, Brianna Dicks, Alec Dykes, Ben Galindo, Mayra Garcia, Jackelyn Hernandez, Tyler Herndon, Kamryn Holt, McKenzi Jowers, Ashton McGhen, Angie Morales-Cardenas, Tha Zin Mu, Joseph Palacios, Morgan Porter, Raquel Rafael, Isaac Rushing, Caroline Scull 


Woodman of the World Lodge 250: Jesse Gay, Brady McSwain, Bobby Walker, Keelan Williams 


University—Related Organizations 


Shelby County Aggie Moms, Inc. – Dayton Bush, Joshua Clinton, Tyler Herndon 


The University of Texas Exes – Shelby County Chpt./Oates Brothers (renewable 4 yrs) – Jocelyn Berry 




Baylor University Dean’s Gold (renewable 4 yrs): Morgan Porter, Caroline Scull 


Friends College Tower Scholarship and Friends Grant – Zacc Smith 


Louisiana Tech University Bull Dog (renewable 4 yrs) – Nathan Myers 


Millsaps Second Century (renewable 4 yrs): Adriana Barcenas


Navarro College – Alexis Lopez 

Northeast Texas Community College: Jasmine Cooks, Kalei LaRock 


Ouachita Baptist University: 

Founders (renewable 4 yrs): Keelan Williams 

Tiger Network: Keelan Williams 

Tennis Grant: Keelan Williams 


Panola College: 

Deans – Jessica Alvarado 

Leadership: Starla Fischer, Mya Gonzalez, Marchelle Goodwin, Pel Htoo, Hannah Mason, Jalaila Pina, Lah Say, Eh Soe 

Band: Adriana Barcenas, Krystal Keys, Emmanuel Riley 

Theater/Drama: Alissa Lee 

Choir: Tha Zin Mu 



Bone Hill Foundation - Jessica Alvarado, Stephanie Gonzalez 


Lewis H. Pool Foundation – Taylor Burch 


Panola College Foundation – Emily Cervantes 


John E. & Reba C. Pace Scholarship – Jacob Garcia 


Dr. Winslow G. Sheldon Memorial – ThaZin Mu 


James Gregory Cooper Memorial – Raquel Rafael 


Stephen F. Austin State University: 

Academic Excellence (renewable 4 yrs): Reanna Arndt, Jessica Alvarado, Kamren Bowden, Benjamin Galindo, ThaZin Mu, Mark Perkins, Kamryn Holt, Joshua Clinton, Morgan Porter 

Nelson Rusche College of Business Chadwick: Kamren Bowden 

School of Music (renewable 4 yr) – Karolina Contreras 




Bone Hill Foundation: 

Nina Walker, Bethany Kaluza, Alan Tello, Rosalinda Rojas, Lesley Perez, Beyonce Bell, Jorge Olalde, Pel Htoo, Nahomi Bautista, Eh Soe, Mayra Garcia, Stephanie Gonzalez, Diana Escobedo, McKenzi Jowers, Lah Say, Mallory Fausett, Brianna Dicks, Raylee Wilburn, Zacc Smith, Jackelyn Hernandez, Jasmin Guevara, Angie Morales, Tyler Herndon, Jessica Alvarado, Devon Roland, Raquel Rafael, Dayton Bush, Lena Amburn, ThaZin Mu, Reanna Arndt, Taylor Burch, Joshua Clinton, Isaac Rushing, Emily Cervantes, Joseph Palacios, Kelsey Adair, Sequin Pharris, Enrique Leon, Alec Dykes, Zitlally Betancour, Adrianna Barcencas, Karolina Contreras, Mariah Nash, Caden Chessher, JaKayla Weathered 

Heritage Achievement Foundation: Kamryn Holt 


Roughrider Foundation


In memory of Norris Askew – Gavin Bohannon 


In memory of Tonya Simmons Bailey – Jasmine Cooks 


In memory of Terry and Pam Bailey – Dayton Bush 


In memory of Mitchell Bailey – Alec Dykes 


In memory of Pam Baldwin – Kelsey Adair 


In memory of Brent Barr – Caden Chessher 


In honor of the CHS Band: Pride of Shelby County – Maritza Aldalco 


In honor of Doice Grant (CHS Band) – Jeremiah Calhoun 


In honor of James “Jim” Jones (CHS Band) – Laisha Cardona 


In honor of the 2016 CHS Band – Oscar Galvan 


In honor of the 2016 CHS Anniversary Band – Mayra Garcia 


In memory of Byron McDaniel (CHS Band) – Jesus Gonzalez 


In honor of Gerald Fagan (CHS Band) – Mya Gonzalez 


In memory of Dean Stewart (CHS Band) – Emmanuel Riley 


In memory of Bo Barbe – Sequin Pharris 


In memory of Gene Biddle – Ezekiel Arcibar 


In memory of Gene Borders – Jacob Garcia-Perez 


In memory of Carolyn Irish Bourque – Karolina Contreras 


In memory of Billy G. Brides, Sr. – Jalaila Pina 


In memory of Lewis and Johnnie Brown – Reanna Arndt


In memory of Homer Bryce – Nahomi Bautista 


In memory of Pat Buddin – Emily Cervantes 


In memory of Stanley Burgay (SC Bass Anglers) – Alan Tello


In memory of Jon, Misty and Macy Bush – Kamryn Holt 


In memory of Cody Daniel Bush – Daylon Fountain 


In memory of Mac and Mattie Lou Bussey – Adrianna Barcenas 


In memory of Lucretia Bussey – Jennifer Almaguer 


In honor of James and Mona Campbell – Nina Walker 


In honor of Center Youth Baseball – Joshua Clinton 


In memory of Andrew “Andy” Chance – Morgan Porter 


In honor of CHS Class of 1941 – Nicholas Fields 


In honor of CHS DECA Club – Malik Patton 


In honor of CHS Class of 1960 – Gisel Cardenas


In honor of CHS Class of 1977 – Aliyah Castaneda 


In honor of CHS Class of 1956 – Patience Cherry 


In honor of CHS Class of 1957 – Deskyshen Crockett 


In honor of CHS Class of 1981 – Taylor Burch 


In honor of CHS Class of 1940 – Elisieo de la Cruz 


In memory of Rayford and Margaret Copelin – Raquel Rafael 


In memory of Jason Covington (Class of 1980) – Jace Covington 


In honor of Gail and Janie Cuculic – Talya Davis 


In honor of The Cuculic Kids –Alan Diaz 


In memory of Gail and Toopie Cuculic – Albina Florencio 


In memory of Gail Cuculic – Diana Escobedo 


In memory of Carlton and Hulon Dance – Jazmin Guevara 


In memory of Mr. and Mrs. W.I. Davis, Sr. – Nathan Myers 


In memory of Mattie Dellinger – Starla Fischer 


In memory of Clint Donnan and Clay Donnan – Isaac Rushing 


In honor of Farmers State Bank – Jessica Alvarado 


In memory of Virginia Leann Fenley – Lena Amburn 


In memory of Danny Clint Fenton – Kalei LaRock 


In honor of Carlos and Cathy Fox in memory of Ted Fox – Benjamin Galindo 


In memory of Jamie Campbell Gamble – McKenzi Jowers 


In honor of General Shelters – Keeli Roberts 


In memory of James and honor of Becky Greer – Kamren Bowden 


In memory of James Greer – Tyler Herndon 


In honor of John D. Griffin – Eh Soe 


In honor of Hallmark/Center Fixture Operations – Stephanie Gonzalez 


In memory of Inez Alford & James E. Harper – DeBroderick Jones 


In memory of Bridges and Maggie Harris – Jasmine Ramirez 


In memory of John Alvis Howard – Marchelle Goodwin 


In honor of Becky (Yarborough) Jeans – Allisa Lee 


In memory of Mitchell Jetton (family) – Alexis Lopez 


In memory of Mitchell Jetton (Lions) – Pel Htoo 


In memory of Virginia Jetton – Jackelyn Hernandez 


In memory of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Jones – Manuel Jimenez 


In memory of Lexi Jones – Jakayla Weathered 


In honor of Ray Jones Chevrolet and Center Motor Company – Angie Morales 


In honor of Bruce Koonce (SC Bass Anglers) – DeKeriae McCoy 


In memory of Patricia Kay Lawrence – Joseph Palacios 


In memory of Bobby Lee – Bethany Kaluza 


In memory of Gilbert Link – Raimi Phillips 


In honor of Center Noon Lions Club – Joe Olalde Jackson 


In memory of Gregory Mack Luman (Class of 1980) – Alfredo Maldonado 


In memory of Dr. Victor and Wava Mathews – Ke’Asmine Johnson 


In memory of James Roscoe and Evie Lee McSwain – Hannah Lawson 


In memory of Melvin M. Miller – Mallory Fausett 


In honor of FL Moffett Primary School – Isabel Rios-Castillo 


In memory of Clyde A. Monroe – Hannah Mason 


In honor of McNeil Moore and memory of Bonnie Moore – Krystal Keys 


In memory of Luke “Jack” Motley, Jr. – Oscar Acosta 


In memory of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Neilson, Sr. – ThaZin Mu 


In memory of Vance Payne – Zitlally Betancour 


In honor of Pilgrims Pride – Rosalinda Rojas 


In memory of Catherine Pinkston – Juan Landeros 


In memory of Bobby Pinkston – Enrique Leon 


In memory of Mann Pinkston – Dulce Marquez 


In memory of Bob and Mildred Pinkston – Israel Mendez 


In memory of Army Spc. Larry E. Polley, Jr. – Zacc Smith 


In honor of PortACool – Brianna Dicks 


In memory of Walter Rainbolt, Jr. – Aaron Scates 


In memory of Rotary Club – Fabian Morales 


In memory of C.P. (Prentice) and Daliah Sanders – Gisel Murillo 


In memory of Ken Sanders (Class of 1981) – Keelan Williams 


In memory of Requanah Santifer – Jocelyn Berry 


In memory of Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Scurlock – Lah Say 


In honor of C. Ray Scurlock – Gisela Solis 


In honor of John Tom Scurlock – Juan Solis 


In honor of Shelby county Sportsman Committee – Sonya Ruan 


In honor of Shelby Savings Bank – Jorge Olalde 


In memory of Jermichael Rashard Smith – Blanca Ramirez 


In memory of David Specter – Carolyn Scull 


In memory of Julian & Rena Taylor – Jacelyn Rhone 


In memory of Davis Kain Tillotson (Class of 2009) – Beyonce Bell 


In honor of Tyson Food, Inc – Gloria Paredes 


In memory of Kathryn Vaughn – Brooklyn Roland 


In memory of Dolorse Ann Walker (Class of 1954) – Eduardo Ronquillo 


In honor of Cecil W. and Virginia Lampley Watlington – Mark Perkins 


In memory of Joy Ellington Weaver – Raylee Wilburn 


In memory of Martin Weaver – Lesly Perez Gonzalez 


In memory of Clint Weaver – Kade Whisenant 


In memory of Darren Wilson – Devon Roland 


In memory of Roy and Wilma Woolley – Mariah Nash 



  • Other Roughrider Scholarships were awarded to students at Roughrider Academy. 
  • The list is subject to change should additional scholarships be awarded. 
  • Scholarship awards will be announced as each senior crosses the stage at graduation.  
  • Center ISD appreciates the generous support provided to members of the Class of 2020 and joins with both the students and their families in expressing our thanks!





Timpson Bear Update 5/22/2020

Reminder: Just a reminder that the Graduation 2020 Video is going live at 8:00 p.m. tonight on the Light and Champion Facebook page.  Congratulations Graduates!!


Timpson Bear Update 5/8/2020

MayMester Information – Mrs. Tina Samford has access codes/textbooks for students taking MayMester classes.  Students be sure and email her at to arrangement for pick up.


Notice!  Seniors 2020!!  Timpson ISD with the collaboration of The Light and Champion will be putting together a virtual graduation . Please reserve Thursday, May 14th  as your date to come to the school to receive your diploma dressed up in Cap & Gown. Each senior will be given a timeslot soon. Lots more details coming soon! The video will be ready for graduation day, Friday, May 22nd  at 8:00 p.m.


Timpson ISD Bear Update Extra

Reminder: The deadline to register for college Maymester is Monday, May 4th.


2020-2021 Joaquin Varsity & Junior High Cheerleaders


2020-2021 Joaquin Junior High Cheerleaders


Bottom Row (Left To Right): Haleigh Lynch, Maeleigh Cummings, Co-Captain: Kaitleigh Avery, Co-Captain: Mariya Wilson, Dixie Baker and Emma Raybon

Middle Row (Left to Right): Paloma Salvador, Keaton Hughes, Emma Barton, Cinthia Torres (Mascot) and Halle Bonner

Top Row (Left to Right): Jaylee Cater and Allison Gamble





2020-2021 Joaquin Varsity Cheerleaders


Bottom Row (Left to Right): Co-Captains, Brooklinn Penning and Ashleigh McKim

Second Row (Left to Right)- Jacy Covington, Camryn Runnels and Emma Martin

Third Row (Left to Right)- Lauren Neal, Addi Harvey, Kaylee Jo Oliver, Molleigh Fults and JJ Bass

Top Row (Left to Right)- Madison Fenley, Brylea Scott, Ke'Maria Wilson, Stormy Runnels, Leah Watson (Mascot) and Luke Hernandez





Order a Special Olympics T-shirt for $20 by March 19


Lifeskills is selling t-shirts for Special Olympics. The money raised will go towards the students' t-shirts at the event and other necessities for the day. 


Please email with any questions.



JISD Board Agenda - March 16, 2020


CHS Band to Perform, Donation made to CHS at Gordmans Ribbon Cutting

A portion of the CHS band will perform at the ribbon cutting of the new Gordmans store at 8:30 a.m. on March 17. The band will begin playing at 8:45 and the ribbon cutting will begin at 9. 


Gordmans will be presenting Center High School with a $1,000 donation. 


CISD Board Notice (March 16, 2020)


Timpson ISD Bear COVID-19 Update

Timpson ISD is monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and as Texas Education Agency information emerges we will be taking appropriate steps as needed. We have been given guidelines and procedures for determining how to address the issue. As a district, we plan to take all necessary and appropriate steps to responsibly address the issue in a proactive manner. We are participating in state level audio conferences that will provide information daily.


Please, contact Timpson ISD (936) 254 2463 ext. 4100 if you become aware of a (COVID-19) case in this area or are aware of someone or are someone in the Timpson ISD community who has been in an exposed area of the virus. Or you can reply back to this email with information.


All UIL sanctioned extracurricular contests have been suspended beginning Monday March 16 through March 29.


Shelbyville ISD Update on Coronavirus Precautions

Shelbyville ISD is closely monitoring news concerning the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Texas.  As of today, it is our understanding that we do not have any confirmed cases on COVID-19 in our school district or in Shelby County.  However, there have been confirmed cases in other areas of East Texas and the potential for the spread of the virus to our area is a possibility.  We are gathering as much information from the Texas Education Agency and other sources on a daily basis to help us determine how to address this issue in the most effective possible way.  


As per the University Interscholastic League (UIL), all UIL sanctioned extracurricular contests for all schools have been suspended until March 29, 2019.  


As Shelbyville ISD stakeholders participate in spring break this week, please be aware of the potential threat of contracting Coronavirus in places/gatherings you might visit and enact precautions accordingly.  Thank you.


Submitted by Ray West, Superintendent



CMS Track meet cancelled for Monday

Center Middle School track meet scheduled for Monday, March 16, has been canceled. All track events have been canceled for a minimum of two weeks. 


Joaquin Track Closure

The Joaquin High School track is closed until Monday, March 2nd for repairs.


Shelbyville ISD March Breakfast and Lunch Menus











Horace Named 3rd Team Texas Sports Writers Association All-State RB



Keomadre Horace has recently been named a 3rd team Texas Sports Writers Associaton All-State RB. Go Roughriders!



Riders of the Week





JISD Board Agenda for February 10, 2020


Riders of the Week


Tiger News



Please visit our district web page for other details on our school and activities: (The calendar provides the most up to date events)

Tenaha ISD also has a facebook page

cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image010.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40

January 31, 2020-JVG/VG/JVB/VB in Timpson 4:30 pm (District Game) KGAS 104.3 will broadcast

February 1, 2020-Girls (9 am)/Boys (3 pm) Soccer in New Summerfield Tournament; Track in Lake Charles; FFA Bar-B-Q in White Oak

February 3, 2020-JH B/G in Timpson 4:30 pm

February 4, 2020-G/B Soccer vs Westwood in Palestine 5:00 pm; VB/VG vs Martinsville District Game in Tenaha 6:00 pm

February 5, 2020-Student Early Release 1:30 pm

February 6, 2020-MS Solo & Ensemble Contest @ Tenaha 3:30 pm-6:00 pm

February 7, 2020-Girls Soccer in Center 5:00 pm; JVB/VB/JVG/VG vs San Augustine in Tenaha 4:30 pm

February 8, 2020-Boys Soccer in New Summerfield; UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest @ SFA

February 10, 2020-Girls Soccer vs Carlisle in Price 5:00 pm

February 11, 2020-JVB/VB/JVG/VG in Shelbyville 4:30 pm

February 13, 2020-Businessmens’s Meeting

February 14, 2020-JVB/VB in Garrison 5:30 pm

February 17, 2020-Board Meeting 5:30 pm

 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image010.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40 cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40cid:image011.jpg@01D4CDCC.9DA9CB40

Just for informational purposes for all TISD stakeholders.... No fluff... Just facts...

* Highest A-F accountability jump in Shelby County of eleven points to 84 which is a B rating

* The county's first fully funded Dual Credit tuition program continues and has expanded.

* Superior rating for FIRST (financial integrity)

* Lowest overall tax rate in Shelby County

* A fund balance that has tripled over the last eight years

* But, a continued commitment to fund facilities projects and transportation, as well as three different Board approved salary scale raises for teachers in that time

* Band makes 1st division yet again in Marching contest. Sends more kids to All-Region Band in JH than any 4A school that participated.

* Football program did miss the playoffs for the first time in 14 years, but that comes on the heels of 9 trips to the state quarterfinals or beyond in the last 11 seasons. (Only Carthage, Mart, Aledo, Falls City, Lake Travis have enjoyed "sustained" success at that level)

* Girls Basketball already at 19 wins. One more makes the first time in school history to record five consecutive 20 win seasons)

*Boys Basketball- tied for 1st place in the toughest district in the state. Also a program with 14 Regional Tourney appearances in the last 17 years.

* Hosts of the largest and best Holiday Basketball tournament in Texas.

* The first and perhaps only school that opens a "restaurant" for stakeholders on event nights with the Tiger Cafe.

* A state championship contending Barbecue Team in our Ag department.

* Enrollment is holding at 529 students PK-12. That's a 23% increase of enrollment since the passage of the 2008 bond.

We are proud of the school we have and we care about continually pushing these kids to reach their fullest potential.



Check out our NEW products!

Tenaha ISD Sportswear Store.

Just hold the Ctrl down and click on the link.

Adult and youth sizes available.


Reminder: Tenaha Together Committee continues to support our community and needs the communities support as well.

A few of the things that have been done since the organization of the Tenaha Together Committee includes lights and tree for the square, banners around town,  and the beautiful brick signs entering the town.

Please, if you can make a donation to continue projects like these, send it to: Tenaha Together  c/o Scott Tyner - P. O. Box 318, Tenaha, Texas 75974


Something New: Businesses that would like to place their business card on the Tiger News may contact Brenda Lucas at or by calling 936-248-5000 ext 201 for details.



"Local Businesses Support the Tenaha Tiger Yearbook"


"If you are interested in purchasing a full color yearbook ad for your business, please contact Mrs. Ali Tyner at"

Tenaha Youth Center-(936) 332-3581

              3576 Hwy 84 East

             Tenaha, Texas 75974


Panola awards degrees, certificates in fall 2019



Students who earned degrees or certificates during the 2019 fall semester are listed below by state and then in alphabetical order by city. The list includes the abbreviation for the degree or certificate awarded to these students.



Michael Womack, Bastrop, RLM, RLM2
Leshanda Baker, Bossier City, ADN
Calli Boggs, Grand Cane, COS
Jeffery McClary, Keatchie, RLM1
Luke Vazquez, Keatchie, WLD2
Zachary Mcfarland, Keithville, EMT
Melinda Carter, Keithville, LVN
Khadijah Taylor, Shreveport, CIT4
Latondra Frazier, Shreveport, LVN
Chasity Graggs, Shreveport, OPR3



Austin Davis,  EMT
Clayton Burnett,  GST
Hannah Humphries, GST
Riley Seegers, GST
Robert Bristow, LVN
Lane McKnight, PET1

Theresa Hightower, LVN
Kallie Parker, LVN
Cassie Bozeman, MLT

Jennifer Sparks, ADN
Kortney Landreneaux, BUS, BUS1
Jose Rodriguez, BUS1
Paulina Samford, BUS1
Wayland McLemore, CIT, CIT1, CIT2, CIT3, CIT4
Madison Buck, COS
David Richter, EMT
Susan Adewale, GST
Connie Cleaver, GST
Rocky Hayden, GST
Yareli Hernandez, GST
Kirsten Maxie, GST
Krishlyn Rocquemore, GST
Rachel Strauss, GST
A'Toya Villarreal, GST
Emmie Wedgeworth, GST
Britney Everitt, LVN
Marissa Jones, LVN
Alexis Miller, LVN
Delaina Blackmon, MED
Haley Landtroop, MLT
Joshua Garcia, NAT1
Colby Taylor, NAT1
Tiffani-Amber Pinson, OPR, OPR1
Victoria Fischer, OPR3
Allena George, OPR3
Lashaunda George, OPR3
Tiffani-Amber Pinson, OPR3
Colby Taylor, PET
Braden Russell, PET1
Colby Taylor, PET1, PET2
Timothy Harsh, WLD2
Ethan Kupres, WLD2, WLD3
Dylan Puffer, WLD2

Erika Cordray, AAT
Ashley Fults, AAT
Daniela Garcia, AAT
Colton Davis, CIT3
Brandi Gilchrist, EMT
Bobby Smith, EMT
Hannah Choate, GST
Taylor Clark, GST
Israel Duarte, GST
Perla Gonzalez, GST

Samantha Gonzalez, GST
Cody Osburn, GST
Julia Ramos, GST
Kelsi Wilburn, GST
Jose Barrueta, HVAC
Kase Hooper, HVAC
Kathleen Bailey, LVN
Kori Bailey-Metcalf, LVN
Breanna Boyd, LVN
Destinee Harrison, LVN
Jessica Hemphill, LVN
Kamille McCollister-Suell, LVN
Janequia Moore, LVN
Brooklyn Porter, LVN
Lauren Warr, LVN
Angela Perkins, MED
Jeniece Moore, MED1
Nicklaus Powell, MUS
Jenny Harvey, OPR3
Roselyn Postell, OPR3
Brent Barreraz, PET
Luz Gomez, PET, PET2
Brant Redmon, PET, PET1, PET2
Brent Barreraz, PET2
Andrezel Dove, RES
Dylan Denby, WELD
Daniel Atchison, WLD2
Bryan Kelley, WLD2
Demarious Mann, WLD2
Trevin Snider, WLD2
James Hamilton, WLD3

Justine Moore, COS

Denise Armstead, GST

Carlie Harper, ADN, GST
Edward Oden, EIT, RES
Dillan Peloquin, RLM, RLM2

Fort Worth
Mallori Hardaway, Fort Worth, LVN

Caleb Powers, EMT
Madison Shotwell, LVN
Tytanara Williams, LVN
Jacob Cook, PET1
Zakeri Dingler, PET1
Laurie Edwards, PET1
Shane Iversen, WELD

Madison Spence, GST

Brittany Bailey, Hallsville, ADN

Christopher Scroggins, CIT1, CIT2, CIT4
Kaylee Moroski, COS

Morgan Heim, ADN
Shaina Lane, ADN
Jennifer Self, ADN
Darbi Fabbiani, GST
Morgan Heim, GST
Hanna Juarez, GST
Jessica Whitaker, OPR3
Alec Morris, PET1

April Swan, MLT

Shondadrien Cooks-Jones, GST

Shannon Creech, ADN
Morgan Matthews, ADN
Miranda Prnka, ADN
Mikalya-Grac Alexis Atkinson, COS
Fatima Nunez, COS
Shawn Hairgrove, GST
Trey Chism, HVAC
Braeden Hensley, HVAC
Madolyn Kendrick, LVN
Sally Bays, PET
Marissa Cooper, WLD2

Brandon Latham, GST

League City
Hannah Floyd, GST

Wilma Davis, AAT2
Rachel Holt, ADN
Wade Worley, GST
Maranda Cox, LVN

Mary Castillo, AAT
Lindsey Golden, ADN
Haylee Gordon, ADN
Haley McClung, ADN
Lajuana Peace, ADN
Matthew Wallace, EMT
Toby Jones, LVN
Sharita Bailey, MLT
Marisela Soto, PET1

Shaquoia Finley, ADN
Kathy Foster, MED1
Evan Green, RLM1, RLM2

Sierra Perez-Perez, ADN
Cassandra Tullock, ADN
Kristyn Wilson, EMT
Kiressa Harris, GST
Michael Jones, GST
Hieu Le, GST
Madison Oney, GST
Bryan Whitaker, GST

Leneve Williams, GST
Tia Williams, GST
Shannon Freeman, HIT
Billy Patterson, HVAC
Jacob Hanson, LVN
Kevin Knighten, MED1
Cherrie Hudson, MLT
Casey Holladay, OPR3
Mariela Oviedo, OPR3
Payton Sirmans, WLD2
Kayla Wallace, WLD2

Mount Enterprise
Wesley Pietruszka, EMT
Kristen Honeycutt, GST
Reggie King, GST

Haley Jones, AAT
Laquista Garrett, ADN
Phillip Najvar, EIT
Jacob Sandel, EMT
Brandice McClelland, GST
Jacob Pleasant, HVAC
Alyssa Bell, LVN
Amber Bradley, LVN
Jennifer Cobos, LVN
Kyesha Sweat, MED
James Hill, NAT1

Dylan Henry, EMT

Ore City
Darrian Payne, LVN

Kristen Shields, ADN
Elizabeth Hearon, MLT

Leo Brittain, EMT

Landra Turner-White, ADN

Amanda Granger, LVN

Lexy Crawford, EMT

Chisom Ottih, LVN

Madison Jackson, ADN

San Augustine
Michael Randle, AAT2
Quintorria Bell, LVN

Jessica Garrett, GST

Heather Gipson, ADN
Lindsey Ridens, ADN
Cody Grindle, GST

Jazmin Alvarado, AAT
Merlid Sandoval, CIT4
Laney Cockrell, COS
Destiny Doggett, LVN
Mariel Lopez, MED
Hernan Hernandez, PET1
Trevor Lampley, WLD2
Jose Mendoza, WLD2
Tristan Denton, WLD3

Jarid Barton, GST
Ty'Kuirra Bryant, GST
Jeremy Jordan, GST
Decamerin Berry, HVAC
Shelton Earl, HVAC
Jacob Corpus, WLD2

Ennisha Bolden, GST
Adesola Fashola, GST

Cassidy Lonsway, AAT2


Boluwatife Babalola, Lagos, Nigeria, GST
Latifat Opeodu, Lagos, Nigeria, GST




Timpson Bear Update



Upcoming events/deadlines for Timpson FFA 


FWSSR Ag Mech Show- January 17th-20th 

Market and Breeding Rabbit Validation - January 21st 

FWSSR Goat show- January 24th-27th 

FWSSR Heifer Show- January 23rd-27th 

HLSR Chicken Arrival- January 31st 



Counselor’s Corner - Upcoming scholarship deadlines to be aware of include:


National FFA, January 15th

Eastman Chemical Company, January 31st
SFA General Scholarship, February 1st (Must be completed in your "MySFA" student portal)
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, February 3rd (You MUST complete this in order to be eligible for the local Shelby County Go Texan Scholarship)

Austin Bank Scholarship, February 28th
Deep East Texas Electric Co-Op, March 1st (Applicant must live in the service area and receive services from DETEC) 
Texas Farm Bureau Scholarships (Applicant must be a member of TFB, but can create a membership now) 

The Big Tex Scholarship is now open! It is due February 1st- Only Students that have participated at the State Fair of Texas are eligible to apply.

Mrs. Metcalf welcomes students to drop by her office if they need help with any of these applications, and she will be glad to visit with them.  Seniors, please remember to ask now for reference letters and update your scholarship essay. 



Shelbyville Academic UIL Team Competes



The Shelbyville High School Academic UIL Team competed at Chireno’s Invitational UIL Meet on Saturday, January 11th.  Receiving awards:


Shiloh Amburn – Computer Applications – 5th Place
Naquila Barnes – Number Sense – 3rd Place
Kiana Bennett – Number Sense – 6th Place
TyKevia Blount – Poetry Interpretation – 3rd Place
Aubree Camp /Ava Silva – Policy Debate – 2nd Place
Azsahlia Cartwright – Copy Editing – 6th Place
Hagan Crumpton – Persuasive Speaking – 3rd Place, Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 4th Place
Chassity Davis – Computer Applications – 3rd Place
Makayja Horton – Prose Interpretation – 5th Place
Dawson Jackson – Lincoln Douglas Debate – 6th Place
Jimmy Jimenez – Literary Criticism – 4th Place, Spelling & Vocabulary – 6th Place, Mathematics – 6th Place
Kara Jones – Poetry Interpretation -5th Place
Jacob Lang – Calculator Applications – 4th Place
Tyler Merriman – Current Issues & Events – 4th Place
Trey Smith – Number Sense – 1st Place
Eli Taylor – Chemistry – 1st Place
Dana Valencia – Accounting – 6th Place
Myla Wagstaff – Computer Applications – 6th Place
Molly Windham – Ready Writing – 1st Place, Feature Writing – 2nd Place, Headline, Writing – 3rd Place, News Writing – 3rd Place   

Trey Smith, Naquila Barnes, Kiana Bennett – Number Sense – 1st Place Team


Updated Info: Tenaha ISD Game Change info




Martinsville Games tonight 1-10-20 has changed to 4:00 pm;


JH Girls in Mt. Enterprise has cancelled and the tournament moved to Central Heights.




Tenaha Tiger News



January 10, 2020-End of 3rd Week Grading Period; JVG/VG in Martinsville (District Game)  4:00 pm; JVB/VG in Martinsville

January 11, 2020- Girls Soccer-Waskom Tournament; JHG in Central Heights

January 13, 2020-Board Meeting 5:30 pm; Beginning 4th Grading Period

January 14, 2020-Girls/Boys Soccer in Crockett 5:30 pm; JVG/VG/JVB/VB in San Augustine

January 16, 2020-HS BB and Soccer Pictures; JHB/G in Shelbyville 4:30 pm

January 17, 2020-JVG/VG/JVB/VB vs Shelbyville in Tenaha; Tiger Café Open; JH/HS Robotics at Lufkin Civic Center (Leave at 6am)

January 18, 2020-HS/JH Region Band Clinic @ Chapel Hill

January 20, 2020-Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holiday

January 21, 2020-Girls/Boys Soccer vs Westward in Palestine 5:00 pm; JVG/VG/JVB/VB vs Garrison (Home) 4:30 pm

January 22, 2020-Tiger Day:Student Early Release 1:30 pm

January 23, 2020-Girls Soccer vs Carlisle in Price 5:00 pm; JH B/G vs Joaquin  (Home) 4:30 pm

January 24, 2020-8th Grade Field Trip to SciPort; Boys Soccer in Liberty Eylau 5:30 pm; JVG/VG/JVB/VB in Woden 4:30 pm

January 28, 2020-Girls/Boys Soccer in Crockett 5:30 pm; JVG/VG/JVB/VB vs Joaquin (Home)

January 30, 2020-Girls/Boys Soccer in New Summerfield Tournament; JH B/G vs Garrison (Home) 4:30 pm

January 31, 2020-JVG/VG/JVB/VB in Timpson 4:30 pm

February 1, 2020-Girls/Boys Soccer in New Summerfield Tournament


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