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Center High School will host a Senior Parent meeting on Thursday, September 1,

at 5:15 p.m. in the High School Library.  We will discuss upcoming activities, fundraisers, and other important senior Information




Joaquin School info





When- Tuesday September 20, 2022

Where- JHS Audotorium 

Time- 6:00pm

We will discuss college admission, financial aid, scholarships, college entrance exams, senior activites etc.


Dear Parents/Guardians, Gifted and Talented student nominations for grades K-12 will begin Monday, October 03, 2022 and end Friday, October 14, 2022. If you would like to nominate your child, a nomination application will be sent home for you to complete and return. Please contact Terri Gray or Cassie Porter for a nomination packet for students in grades 6-12, and Billy Carrington, or Ashely Rambin, for students in grades K-5. Please contact Terri Gray with any questions you may have regarding the Joaquin ISD Gifted & Talented Program. Joaquin Independent School District will continue to provide a Gifted and Talented Program which: • Increases creative thinking and problem solving skills through the development of fluent, flexible, original and collaborative thinking processes; • Develops skills in logical reasoning and critical thinking through the application of higherlevel cognitive thinking processes; • Extends skills in research/independent study through planning and conducting teacherdirected and self-directed studies utilizing a variety of materials and media; • Develops a positive self-concept, improve interpersonal skills, and gain a better understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness, worth, and contributions of self and others. Joaquin Independent School District Gifted and Talented Program is an enriched program for those students who are identified as gifted and talented and placed in the program according to Joaquin ISD’s identification procedure. Emphasis will be on providing a learning environment and activities which foster the development of higher-order thinking skills, creative thinking skills, problem solving skills and communication skills. Students will be exposed to experiences and information which are outside the bounds of the regular curriculum and will be encouraged to develop advanced level products and performances. Each student will be assisted in the development of a healthy selfconcept and relationship with peers. Sincerely, JISD Administrators Cassie Porter, Jr. High/High School Counselor Ashley Rambin, Elementary Counselor



Joaquin  ISD has scheduled a substitute orientation and training for Friday, August 26, 2022,  at 10:00 a.m.  The orientation will be held at the Joaquin ISD Administration Building located at the far end of the football field.  Please be sure to complete and or update an online application at under employment opportunities. Questions contact Donna Vergo, 936-269-3128 ext. 225 or




Meet the Teacher Date/Times

August 4, 2022

5:00 - 6:00 p.m. - Elementary

5:30 - 6:30 p.m. - Jr. High & High School



Back To School Meal Rates 


Tenaha School info


                                                             JV FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 2022

                                                                      TENAHA TIGERS

                                  DATE                        OPPONENT                      SITE                          TIME 

                                   8/12                          Hemphill (scr)            Hemphill                       5:00

                                   8/25                          West Sabine               Pineland                       5:00

                                   9/1                            San Augustine           San Augustine             5:00

                                   9/8                            Joaquin                        Tenaha                         7:00

                                   9/15                         Arp                                 Arp                                7:00

                                  9/22                           Dekalb                          Tenaha                        7:00

                                  9/29                           Bye

                                 10/6                            Carlisle                         Carlisle                          7:00

                                 10/13                          Alto                               Alto                                7:00

                                 10/20                          Cushing                       Tenaha                         7:00

                                 10/27                         Mount Enterprise       Mount Ent                   7:00

                                 11/3                            Overton                        Tenaha                        7:00


             JH Football Schedule 2022

             Tenaha Tigers

                                  9/8                             Joaquin                           Tenaha                       5:00

                                 9/15                            Arp                                  Arp                               5:00

                                 9/22                           Dekalb                             Tenaha                       5:00

                                 9/29                           Bye

                                10/6                            Carlisle                             Carlisle                        5:00

                                 10/13                         Alto                                   Alto                              5:00

                                10/20                          Cushing                           Tenaha                       5:00

                                10/27                         Mount Enterprise          Mount Ent                  5:00

                                 11/3                          Overton                            Tenaha                       5:00

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The Texas Education Agency released the 2021-2022 State Accountability Ratings on Monday.

This release is the first official rating since the COVID pandemic. According to TEA," The ratings are based on performance on state standardized tests; graduation rates; and college, career, and military readiness outcomes. The ratings examine student achievement, school progress, and whether districts and campuses are closing achievement gaps among various student groups." The ratings are based on an A-F system, indicating the district and individual campus performance

in these areas. Hard work, dedication, creativity, and collective effort on behalf of our students, staff and administrators earned Tenaha ISD an overall "A" rating for the 2021-2022 school year.

The breakdown for TISD K-12 was as follows:

Overall 90 A

Student Achievement 87 B

STAAR Performance 72

College, Career and Military Readiness 96

Graduation Rate 100

School Progress 91 A

Academic Growth 72 C

Relative Performance (Eco Dis: 91.1%) 91 A

Closing the Gaps 86 B

Congratulations to our other Shelby County students and educators who all represented the area equally as well, receiving the following ratings:

Joaquin ISD - Overall 92 A

Shelbyville ISD - Overall 91 A

Center ISD - Overall 90 A

Timpson ISD - Overall 85 B

Great job Tigers!! We are so proud of your effort to make Tenaha ISD an "A" Rated District!




If you are interested in purchasing a full color yearbook ad for your business, please contact Ms. Joanna Huckabee at

Businesses that would like to place their business card on the Tiger News may contact Brenda Lucas at or by calling 936-248-5000 ext 201 for details





2022 Tenaha Football Schedule  

Date                          Opponent                                                     Site            Time        

8/12                          Hemphill (Scrimmage)                             Away            JV-500 pm                                                                                                                                  V- 6:30 pm

8/18 (Thursday)    TBD    (Scrimmage)                                       TBD            TBD

8/26                         West Sabine                                                   Home        7:00 PM

9/2                           San Augustine                                                Home        7:00 PM

9/10 (Saturday)    Joaquin                                                             Away        7:00 PM

9/16                        Arp                                                                     Home        7:00 PM

9/23                        Dekalb                                                               Away        7:00 PM

9/30                        OPEN                                    

10/7                       *Price Carlisle                                                  Home       7:00 PM   

10/15                     **Alto (Homecoming/Hall of Honor)        Home       7:00 PM

10/21                     *Cushing                                                          Away        7:00 PM

10/28                     *Mt. Enterprise                                              Home       7:00 PM

11/4                       *Overton                                                          Away        7:00 PM            


** Homecoming



AD/Head Coach: Terry Ward

Assistant Coaches: Robert Tamplin-OC, Kevin Anderson-DC, Kevin Cates, Jay Moore, Jon Gonzales, and Javante Ellington

Superintendent: Don Fallin

HS Principal: John Thompson        

Band Director: Brian Sours    

Assistant Band Director:  Shannon Rios; Cristie Roye 

Cheerleader Sponsors:  Tanesia Walker and Ashley Thomas                                     


Shelbyville School info



Shelbyville I.S.D. is pleased to announce that Senior Citizens (age 65 or over) **PROOF OF AGE AND RESIDENCE REQUIRED** who reside in Shelbyville I.S.D. will be admitted free of charge to all Home
Athletic Events for the 2022-2023 school year, by presenting a Shelbyville I.S.D. Gold Card Pass. Please come by the Shelbyville I.S.D. Administration Office at your convenience to pick up a Gold Card.



Shelbyville I.S.D. is pleased to announce that all Shelbyville I.S.D. retirees will be admitted free of charge to home athletic events for the 2022-2023 school year by presenting a special pass.

If you are a Shelbyville I.S.D. retiree and do not receive a pass by mail, please come by the administration office or call 598-2641.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) released accountability rating grades for districts
and campuses throughout Texas this week. Shelbyville ISD is pleased to announce
that our school district received an ‘A’ rating for the 2021-22 school year. In addition,
Shelbyville School (S.W. Carter Elementary School, Shelbyville Middle School, and
Shelbyville High School) received a campus rating of an ‘A’ rating for the 2021-22
school year. The TEA accountability ratings are based on student performance on state
standardized tests, graduation rates, and college, career and military readiness
outcomes. The ratings are also determined by examining STAAR/EOC results to assess
student achievement, school progress and whether districts and campuses are closing
achievement gaps among various student groups. The website
contains interactive accountability rating reports and detailed reports for each district,
campus and open-enrollment charter school in the state of Texas.
Although Shelbyville ISD is proud of the continued academic success accomplished by
our students and staff, we must point out that we believe our school district is defined by
much more than the single letter grade generated by the State’s accountability rating
system. We would have been disappointed with a letter grade less than an ‘A,” but we
would not have thought any less of the outstanding accomplishments of our students
and staff in academics, extracurriculars, community service, and citizenship. Our
school district works diligently to develop well-rounded lifelong learners who display
responsibility, intelligence, compassion, leadership, stewardship, character, and
problem-solving abilities. Just as Shelbyville ISD believes our school district is much
more than a letter grade assigned by the State, SISD also believes our students are
much more than an individual score on STAAR, a letter grade on a subject test, or a
performance result in an extracurricular competition.
We value every student in Shelbyville. Working with our parents and other
stakeholders, Shelbyville ISD’s faculty and staff are committed to protecting our
students and being with them every step of the way to help navigate disappointments
and challenges and to celebrate successes, both big and small. Shelbyville students,
staff, and community will continue to work closely together to make each of us a better
person and to try and make the world a better place. We look forward to having
another outstanding school year! It is a great day to be a DRAGON!

Shelbyville ISD Recognizes School Board


The month of January is proclaimed School Board Recognition Month to emphasize the importance of the men and women across the state of Texas who serve on school boards.  Shelbyville I.S.D. students benefit every day from the dedication and commitment to public education of our local trustees.  Our current board members are Etola Jones, President, 12 years; Mark Bohannon, Vice-President, 8 years; Joey Lawson, Secretary, 9 years; Joe Tom Schillings, 13 years; Tim Bradshaw, 8 years;

Chris Koltonski, 6 years; and Lori Alvis, 3 years.  These men and women sit through meetings, read reports, listen to parents’ concerns, and do hard work to benefit the students and the community.  They serve without pay, giving of their time and expertise to ensure that young Texans have the skills needed for lifelong success.  These local citizens are elected by the community to make critical decisions that directly affect the future of our youth.  At this time, we say thank you to these dedicated volunteers.  We appreciate their generous sharing of time and energy.  They truly do “rise above” for our schools.  “Thank You” to the Shelbyville I.S.D. School Board.












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