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Update of Sheriff's Dispatch of Emergency Personnel

You’ll recall during this newscast last Thursday I had the story of Shelby County Sheriff Willis Blackwell shutting down the analog two-way radio communications between dispatch and local volunteer fire departments because it was interfering with the new digital frequency. I understand there was a meeting to be held Friday afternoon with County Judge Rick Campbell, volunteer fire chiefs, emergency personnel, and sheriff’s office representatives to discuss a short-term and long-range plan in dealing with the issue. I’ve not been able to speak with anyone that attended this gathering, but I’ve confirmed dispatchers are still calling fire chiefs to notify of calls in their respective areas, and some using a texting service. I’ll be following up with more information as it becomes available.


The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has resumed dispatch of the Timpson Volunteer Ambulance Service. If you live in the Timpson area and are in need of emergency medical attention, call 9-1-1, and Timpson ambulance personnel will be summoned and dispatched by the sheriff’s office. This is a change from what we reported last Friday when Sheriff Willis Blackwell said his office would not be dispatching the Timpson ambulance. Again, if you live in the Timpson area and need the Timpson VAS, dial 9-1-1.