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Shelby County Commissioners to Meet

Notice is hereby given that a Regular meeting of the Governing Body of the Shelby County Commissioners’ Court will be held on the 12th day of November, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. in the Courtroom of the Shelby County Courthouse at 200 San Augustine Street, Center, Shelby County, Texas to deliberate and consider action on the following items:



            1.         Approve the minutes of the October 14th, 2013 Regular Meeting and the October                                      28th, 2013 Special Meeting of the Shelby County Commissioners’ Court


            2.         Approve Officers’ Reports


            3.         Approve and pay monthly expenses and amend budget line items accordingly.


            4.         David Chandler and Dale Alexander, owners of ACE EMS, to address the Court                          to request a temporary subsidy.  Discuss and possibly take action.


            5.         Archie Thompson to address the Court concerning the maintenance of CR 2115.

                        Discuss and possibly take action.


            6.         Sheila Lewis, District Extension Administrator, to address the Court for approval                          on the hiring of Jheri-Lynn Smith as the new Shelby County Family Consumer                                   Sciences Agent.  Discuss and possibly take action.


            7.         Record Audit Review Statement in regards to District Attorney Forfeiture Funds.


            8.         Record dates for FY2013 outside audit, conducted by Axley & Rode, as                                       December 16, 2013.


            9.         Approve the signing of 2014 Indigent Defense Grant Program Resolution


            10.       Approve CIRA (County Information Resources Agency) Services Agreement                                with Shelby County for web hosting services


            11.       Adjourn

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