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Shelby Regional Medical Center Inpatient Facility and Emergency Room Shutting Down



The Shelby Regional Medical Center Hospital Inpatient Facility is already shut down and the emergency room will be shutting down at noon tomorrow.  In a statement to Center Broadcasting Nursing Director Jana Danley said she received a call at 6:45 last night from hospital owner Dr. Tariq Mahmoud instructing her to close the entire facility immediately.  She says she could not do that because of the need to give the public notice .


She says a decision was made to shut down the inpatient part of the hospital , since no one is currently admitted.


The Emergency Room will continue to operate until noon tomorrow.


Danley says how long staff will remain after that time to answer phones and do other tasks remains to be seen.


As you may recall, Mahmoud was indicted by a federal grand jury on April 11, 2013, and charged with conspiracy to commit health care fraud and seven counts of health care fraud.  He owns and operates several hospitals throughout North and East Texas.


Last week, it was announced that Medicare and Medicaid funding was being cut from the facility.


Danley did confirm that there are entities interested in assuming ownership of the hospital and officials are hoping for a smooth transition in ownership.