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Retirement Celebration to Honor Linda Vickery Set for July 15th

Shelby College Center will be hosting a retirement celebration for Mrs. Linda Vickery on July 15th from 10 AM until noon. 


Linda Whiddon Vickery was born in 1947, ironically the same year as Panola College was started.  She grew up in Joaquin, Texas and graduated from Joaquin High School.  She then attended Colonial Beauty School in Nacogdoches, Texas and was licensed in 1966.  In 1967, she opened Linda's Beauty Salon in Tenaha, Texas and in 1972 was licensed as a Cosmetology Instructor.  Seventeen years later, she closed her beauty salon and accepted the position of Cosemetology Instructor for Panola College at the newly opened Shelby College Center.  Cosemetology was the first program offered on that campus.  Twenty-five students enrolled that first year and thus she began a 29 year career teaching cosmetology.  Approximately 650 students have passed through her classroom doors since 1984.  Of those, 478 completed the program and received their cosmetology license.