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Commissioners Begin Efforts to Clean Historic Courthouse Cupola

Shelby County Commissioners have voted 4-0 to approve the cleaning of the Historic Courthouse cupola  and replacement of screens due to pigeons getting in, with the stipulation that the county consult with Historical Commission officials first.  The Historic Courthouse is a Historical Landmark.  County Judge Rick Campbell says he was first alerted to an open screen and pigeons taking up residence in the cupola about three weeks ago. 


In other business the court approveved renewal of General Liability and Public Officials and Law Enforcement Liability Insurance with the Texas Association of Counties for the dates of 10/12/13-10/12/14.  County Commissioner Roscoe McSwain expressed concern about continuing to include district court officials on the county's insurance , since they are paid by the state.  However, he did go along with the rest of the court in approving the insurance, but also asked county officials to look into whether including district officials was legally required.  County Judge Campbell acknowledged the county only began including district officials during legal matters of two-three years ago.  "I look at it differently..I know they are paid by the state, but they are elected here, they are a part of Shelby County, they live here and they handle cases for Shelby County."


The court also recognized Veteran Service Officer Ed Roberts on completion of training by the Texas Veterans Commission.


The court tabled action on the appointment of Shelby County Election Judges and Alternate Election Judges for 2013-2014.


The court also took no action follwing executive session in which personel issues were discussed.