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Family Seeks Answers Regarding Father's Custodial Death in Nacogdoches County

Family Seeks Answers Regarding Father’s Custodial Death in Nacogdoches County (Nacogdoches Texas, December 14 th , 2021)


The family of Jose Loredo have hired an attorney and outside private medical examiner to thoroughly investigate and review the medical records of Jose Loredo (62) who died while in the custody of the Nacogdoches County Jail and its Sheriff, Jason Bridges. Mr. Loredo allegedly fell while alone in his Nacogdoches jail cell on October 3, 2021. Mr. Loredo was found to have a broken neck and was operated on by Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital that evening. Mr. Loredo’s family was not notified for several days after his surgery that he was a quadriplegic and required ventilation. The family says that it was denied access to their father by Nacogdoches County Sheriff ‘s Deputies that stationed in Mr. Loredo’s intensive care room 24 until he passed away on November 18th, 2021 shortly after life support was removed. The family’s attorney is investigating the conditions and circumstances at the Nacogdoches County jail that caused the injuries that led to Mr. Loredo’s death. The family is seeking medical records they believe will show their father was wrongly and inappropriately diagnosed with schizophrenia while in custody of the Nacogdoches County Jail, then prescribed a psychoactive drug that caused his injuries. The three surviving children of Jose Loredo are also demanding answers from Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital about the surgery Mr. Loredo underwent that resulted in his paralysis from the shoulders down. The Loredo family contends they were not timely notified of their father’s condition or given an opportunity to consult about his medical care. The family, as well as the Texas Rangers, are waiting for autopsy results and have notified the County of Nacogdoches, Sheriff Jason Bridges, and Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital of their intent to pursue litigation for the grossly negligent care Jose Loredo received while in Nacogdoches County’s custody. The family’s attorney, Paul Anderson, says, “The family of Jose Loredo believe the Nacogdoches County Jail, its officers and officials should be held accountable for the trauma it inflicts on inmates, most especially those with mental health or substance abuse issues who continue to be held in jail without proper treatment. The family of Jose Loredo has notified the County of Nacogdoches, Texas of its intent to sue, not just for the unnecessary death of their father, but to inform the public and lawmakers about civil rights violations, structural racism, and the punitive attitudes underlying the treatment and medical neglect occurring inside the Nacogdoches County Jail.” Paul Anderson is the principal attorney in a Nacogdoches, Texas civil rights law firm specializing in custodial death, public corruption, fraud and law enforcement abuse. If you have information about this case, or any matter involving official oppression, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, corruption, or public fraud, call 936.305.5600 or submit a confidential consultation request via the firm’s website:

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