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Summer School Starts 8 am – 3:30 pm

*****************Summer Lunch Program Starts 7:30 am/11:30 am

June 20, 2021-Fathers Day

June 21, 2021-Called Board Hearing to Review Federal Programs 5:00 pm; Called Board Hearing to Discuss the 2021-2022 School District’s Budget; 5:15 pm; Regular Board Meeting 5:30 pm

July 4, 2021-Fireworks Display at the Raymond Jackson Stadium 7:00 pm

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Good News Parents!!!

This year Tenaha ISD will provide all school supplies. You will not need to send anything unless you want something specific for your child except for a nap sack for younger students.


Welcome: Kadrian, Quintina Bryant and children.


I would like to thank Forney ISD and the Forney community for the opportunity to lead the North Forney basketball program. To all the administrators and board members at Forney ISD, we really appreciate you guys warm embrace. Making this decision to leave this district was extremely hard. It was definitely one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make. Not only is Forney a wonderful community, but I had some of the best student athletes a coach could ask for and it was starting to feel like home away from home. We would like to thank everyone that made our transition to Forney an easy process and we will never forget this tight knit community. However, my family and I will be embarking on a new journey to Tenaha ISD where I will serve as the Assistant Principal/Head Boys Basketball Coach. Thank you Tenaha ISD for this wonderful opportunity and we look forward to helping the Tenaha community thrive .


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