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Road Closure and Construction on the Center Square






Portions of the downtown Center City square are being closed off by Fain the construction company hired to complete the Downtown Streetscape project. Drivers will have to use a different route as Austin Street is blocked by a fence. If you are unaware of the City of Center Streetscape Project click this link for more information.




Section of the square being fenced off for construction


The streetscape project will take approximately one year to complete and will be done in sections of the square at a time so get ready for future delays once this side of the square construction is finished. The City of Center released the following regarding the construction in a press release in August of this year.


"Construction will be divided into four distinct segments comprised of one intersection and half blocks in each direction.  The initial construction zone will include the intersection of San Augustine and Austin and extend one-half block up each street.  Upon substantial completion of that quadrant, construction will proceed clockwise around the square concluding with the Shelbyville St corner. After completion of the major roadwork and sidewalks, the landscaping and lighting with be finished. Construction should last approximately three months for each quadrant and be completed near September, 2020.  Detour signage will be placed to assist drivers to avoid the intersection under construction.  Existing sidewalk access to all businesses will be available throughout the entirety of the project but adjacent parking will be impacted."



Road closure on the Center Square


It would appear that we are all in for a long wait for the construction to be finished. Center Broadcasting Company did contact the City of Center, City Manager Chad Nhreing's office, but he was unable to meet with us. Construction on the square was supposed to begin earlier this year according to a statement released from the City of Center. Click this link to view the statement. 


The City of Center also released the statement below prior to the East Texas Poultry Festival.





With timing of initial construction sliding into mid-Sept, the City and contractor have today mutually agreed to postpone major demolition until the day following the Poultry Festival.  This should avoid any imposition on the annual event or unnecessary hazardous situations.  This extra two weeks will also allow the contractor sufficient time to guarantee initial deliveries so as to minimize any period between demolition and commencing installation of new materials."




Workers next to fence photo by David Jacobs



If you need to contact the City of Center their phone number is (936) 598-2941.


If you need to contact Fain Construction their phone number is (512) 924-7749.






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