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A Message From the Shelby County DA's Office



Those Guys in Tenaha are at it again!   And this time, they are joined by the Shelby County DA and his sidekick/investigator.  The recovery of the evidence displayed (the corresponding companion to the one left at the scene of the crime) led to the solving of not one, but two, burglaries.  Lesson to all you Cinderellas out there – if you commit a burglary, we will catch you, especially if you leave a slipper behind!!! 


Seriously, though, the point of our messages is that in 2018 in Tenaha and in Shelby County, there is no such thing as a “minor” or “inconsequential” felony crime.  These matters certainly were not inconsequential or funny to the folks who had their buildings broken into and property stolen.  The City of Tenaha PD and the DA are working overtime to serve and protect our citizens.







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