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Kidnapping appears to be a random crime

Two East Texans are in jail this morning, accused of stealing a van in Dallas, kidnapping the driver and then driving to Nacogdoches.  And police say one of the suspects was just let out of a Dallas jail before the crime was committed.  Police say they don't know why the 2 suspects choose this car or why they decided to take the woman with them but it appears to be a random crime.  29-year-old Tommy Simmons got a bus ticket to Nacogdoches on his way out of a Dallas prison but apparently decided to take a different way home. Nacogdoches police say Simmons met 18-year-old Michelle Tortora of Dallas at a train station and the two stole a van from a Macy's parking lot in Dallas with a 42-year-old woman inside.  According to authorities, the two drove about three hours and then stopped at a gas station in Nacogdoches to release the victim.  The victim is now back home in Dallas. Both suspects are charged with felony aggravated kidnapping and unlawful used of a vehicle.  Simmons and Tortora are being held in Nacogdoches County Jail until they can be transferred to Dallas.

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