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Texas State Comptroller addresses sales tax revenues

The Texas State Comptroller says September sales tax revenues for Shelby County are down over 24% from the same period last year in the latest sales tax figures from August sales. This drop, according to local economic forecast, has been attributed to a significant decrease in oil and natural gas production in the area. Almost all reporting entities in Shelby County reported decreases in the October payments. The City of Center had a sales tax drop of 26%; a 46% decrease in the City of Huxley, 12% in the City of Joaquin, and 34% percent decrease in the City of Tenaha. The City of Timpson showed the only increase in sales tax revenues in the county, with an almost 20% rise in the past year. Timpson’s payments to date for 2012 have jumped over 37.5%. For year to date, Shelby County payments were down 6.5% from 2011 to 2012. In San Augustine County, September sales tax revenues were down over 5% for the latest period, including an over 5.5% drop in the City of San Augustine. The City of Broaddus’ sales tax payment was up over 2% for this period. San Augustine County’s payments to date are up over 7% in the past year. Nacogdoches County’s payment this period was up 6%; Panola County down 14%; and Sabine County’s payment was up almost 22%. Comptroller Combs said sales tax revenue in September was up 11.6 percent statewide, compared to September 2011. Statewide, October local sales tax allocations are up 9.1 percent compared to October 2011.


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