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Texas purging voting rolls

The Texas attorney general and secretary of state agreed Wednesday to lift a deadline for purging as many as 68,000 people from the voting rolls because a federal database shows they are possibly deceased, said attorneys for four living voters who made the list. Voting registrars will continue to purge the names of approximately 13,000 voters who are confirmed dead, but not those whom the state only suspects might be deceased and cannot reach by mail. Texas has done similar purges in the past, relying on the state's Vital Statistics Unit. The new wrinkle was using the federal data, which is known to have errors. That change was approved by state lawmakers in 2011. Some counties and Democrats worried the process would disenfranchise voters. The Texas secretary of state's office argued that the Legislature passed the new law overwhelmingly and that voters won't be turned away on Election Day if they don't respond to the letter. The secretary of state threatened to cut off election funding to counties that did not comply with the requirement.

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