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Timpson Frontier Days 2018 Pet Show Results




Dog Category 12 & Under: 
1. Jason Flanoy (Won 50lbs of dog food)
2. Macy Lee (Won 50lbs of dog food)
3. Mary Ann Lee (Won 40lbs of dog food)
4. Branton Payne
Dog Category 13 & Over:
1. Debra McElory (Won 50lbs of dog food)
2. Kristen Lee ( Won 50lbs of dog food)
3. Chase Lilly (Won 40lbs of dog food)
4. Allysha Stephenson
Dressed the Cutest Category:
1. Debra McElroy (Dog)
2. Charlotte Flanory (Baby Goat)
3. Macy Lee (Dog)
4. Allysha Stephenson (Dog)
5. Jason Flanory (Dog)
Horse Category:
1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Places went to Chris Lee.  (He won 100lbs of horse feed, plus 3 additional bags of horse feed.) 
Other Category:
1. Caesyn Lee (Calf)
2. Charlette Flanory (Goat) - Pictured Above
3. Dakota Lee (Rooster)
Longest Tail:
Chris Lee ( Horse) - Pictured Above
Shortest Tail:
Macy Lee (Dog) - Pictured Above
Most Spots:
Macy Lee (Dog) - Pictured Above
Longest Ears:
Jason Flanory (Dog) - Pictured Above
Most Unusal:
Dakota Lee (Rooster)

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