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*Due to a major change in our weather with a front bearing down on us, I
wanted to get this observation out to everyone early today.*
Cloudy again *today*. We started at a 56 degree warm and humid degrees
overnight toward a 65 degree high....but? a rather strong cold front is on
its way. *This morning we will see see T-storms *with rain of maybe 1/4 to
1/2 inch begin mid morning with *strong South winds gusting to 8-10 mph*.
By 5pm the *cold front should be announcing itself* to us with very strong
18-20 mph winds to make us look for the hot apple cider and cocoa as the
temps during the night will give us a *wind chill of 19 degrees.*
*Friday *begins with some sun and a cold 28 degree start. the  North wind
will still be blustery at 15-18 from tjhe North and the temperature will
not rise above 48 degrees even with the Sunshine
*Saturday* will be a repeat of Friday, but with less wind and a wind chill
of 22 as we start the day at 28 degrees and to high of 49
*Sunday* with the cloudless skies will once again start at a cold 24
degrees. Sun and still remain in broken record 48 degree high temperature

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