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Commissioners' Court Meeting Results


Today’s 10-23-17 Shelby County Commissioners’ Court met at 9:30 a.m. at the active Shelby County Court House located at 200 San Augustine Street in Center.  During today’s meeting the court approved the payment of weekly expenses.  No one had any public comments on today’s meeting. 
Representative Ron Adikison from the Adkison Law Firm in Henderson, TX gave a presentation on the Opioid Litigation and told the court about the Opioid Crisis the court approved the retention agreement that he submitted.  The court tabled the discussion on appointing a representative from Shelby County to the East Texas Regional Water Planning Group (Region 1).  
They approved the renewal of the licensing software agreement between Shelby County and Software Services for the District Clerks Office, Justice of the Peace Precinct 1, Justice of the Peace Precinct 2, Justice of the Peace Precinct 3, Justice of the Peace Precinct 4, and Justice of the Peace Precinct 5.
The Veterans Service Officer Sherry Riley was granted approval to apply for a $30,000 transport grant through Funds for Veterans Assistance, offered by Texas Veterans Commission.  The court approved the closing of a separate bank account for the Historic Courthouse and moved those funds under the General Fund.
The court listened to information presented by District Attorney Steven Shires and Daniel Orear with juvenile probation.  They requested addition funds for housing a Shelby County juvenile arrested on the charges of murder.  Shires intends to petition the courts to try the juvenile as an adult given the severity of the crime.  This would mean that the juvenile would have to be transferred from juvenile probation to adult jail.  However, since the juvenile is a minor he still has the right to an education in jail or prison.  The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office lacks the accommodations to house him in a cost-effective manner.  Shires and Orear purposed that the juvenile be transferred to Angelina County, where he could be housed alone and receive all the necessary accommodations to ensure that his rights are not violated.   For approximately $100 a day.  The court approved the payment of the bills associated with the juvenile on a as needed bases either weekly or monthly. 
The court approved Commissioner Precinct 2 to purchase a used Tractor Truck for under $50,000.  Lastly the court adjourned.     

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