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Governor Abbott Announces Growing Support For Property Tax Reform Legislation


AUSTIN  Governor Greg Abbott today announced that his call formeaningful property tax reform is generating growing support across Texas. Property tax reform is part of the Governor's 20-item agenda for the ongoing special legislative session.
Texas now ranks among the top five states in the nation with the highest property tax rates on industrial property. Our excessive property taxes stand out when compared to our competitor states. Texas businesses and industries pay 62% of all state and local taxes  more than 40% above the national average, according to the Council on State Taxation (COST). This is a threat to job growth and economic sustainability. We must begin to turn this around. And Governor Abbotts call to revisit this issue in the special session is an important step in that direction.* **- *Tony Bennett, President & CEO,* Texas Association of Manufacturers*
The Texas Apartment Association (TAA) applauds Governor Greg Abbott's leadership to ensure the accountability, consistency and transparency of our property tax system. Property tax rates, appraisals and the dispute resolution process are all elements that impact the cost of housing in Texas. Because rental properties do not have valuation limits or homestead exemptions to deflect some of the impact of increasing property valuations and tax rates, these increasing costs have a direct impact upon rental rates and in turn effect housing affordability across the state of Texas. Our association looks forward to working with Governor Abbott, members of the Texas Legislature and other stakeholders during the upcoming special session to address these issues and help secure the long-term economic growth of our state.* - *Chris Newton, Executive Vice President,* Texas Apartment Association*
On behalf of the residential construction and development industry in Texas, the Texas Association of Builders (TAB) will continue to work with the Governor and Legislature to protect private property rights from overly burdensome governmental regulations, taxes and fees. Easing the load of skyrocketing property taxes, expediting the permitting process, and protecting property owners from egregious regulation changes on existing property and onerous tree ordinances are issues TAB has regularly advanced over its 70 years of existence. TAB applauds Governor Abbott for his steadfast commitment to reducing onerous and costly regulations, taxes and fees on private individuals and businesses across the state. Though the residential construction industry maintains its status as an economic driver in Texas, regulatory decisions by state and local governments can and will have an impact on the cost and availability of housing.* - *Rick McGuire, President,* Texas Association of Builders *
As both a Realtor and a City Council Member, I have seen skyrocketing property taxes force heartbroken families to sell their long-time homes and deflated buyers to continually postpone their dream of homeownership. My clients work hard to live within their means, and we should expect the same from our local politicians. It is imperative that the Legislature pass meaningful property tax reform that brings our tax code into the 21st century and restores true local control: accountability to the voters. Meaningful reform must include an updated rollback rate, asking the voters for approval to exceed that rate, and increased transparency in a currently convoluted process. I thank Governor Abbott for working to ensure that the low tax environment that has led to so much prosperity for the people of this state is not undermined by an affordability crisis brought on by local governments."* - *Ellen Troxclair, *Austin City Council Member, District 8*
By adding property tax reform to the call this special session, the Governor has given lawmakers a chance to address the needs of our small business job creators in Texas. Were hopeful the legislature will answer the Governors call for meaningful property tax reform. - Will Newton, Executive Director,* NFIB/Texas *
Cities like Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio benefit from Texas burdensome property tax code. While businesses, particularly commercial property owners, have watched their property valuations skyrocket over the past few years, municipalities are cashing in on the record high taxes being collected on Texas properties. Members of the Texas Business Owners and Managers Association are thankful for Governor Abbotts commitment to provide relief to Texas overburdened taxpayers by making this issue a priority in the special session.* - *Brett D. Williams, CPM, President, *Texas BOMA*
Texans needs property tax reform that will give them meaningful new tools so they can better tackle their rising property tax bills. Lower rollback thresholds and better visibility in the local tax rate setting process are critical steps lawmakers can take this session. Voter empowerment is the ultimate local control.* - *Dale Craymer, President, *Texas Taxpayers and Research Association*
"As some of the biggest job creators in the state and nation, we know that Texas' heavy property tax burden is a major impediment to growth. We hope lawmakers use this special session to stem the overall growth of this tax burden in a way that makes Texas more competitive."* - *Todd Staples, President,* Texas Oil and Gas Association*
The freedom to buy and own private property has been a cornerstone of the Texas identity for two centuries. We are excited to work alongside Governor Abbott to deliver meaningful property tax reforms that safeguard this right and stop Texans from being taxed out of their house and home. - Jerome Greener, State Director,* Americans for Prosperity  TX*
Property Tax Reform must be done with expediency and purpose. Although we prefer property taxes to be abolished, a meaningful interim solution is to use the buyers original price of the property as the assessed value that is taxable. So, come on all you conservative, principled lawmakers, Get er done! - Trayce Bradford, President,* Texas Eagle Forum*

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