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It looks like Mother Nature will modify her mood slightly from our previous
thoughts about the next few days weather forecast.
*Temperatures: * Still in the low 90's for hi's w/mid 70's at night
*Temp "Feels like" :*  *101 to 104*. Drink lots of water! Take frequent
breaks if outdoors. Check on others. Use sunscreen.
*Winds: * Light at 5-10 mph & will vary during the  day with passage of
upper air disturbances.
*Rain:*  Widely scattered T-storms when and if they do show up...nothing
severe...they will occur *mostly, * *during  the heat of               the
afternoon each day.*
*Individual Days:* Some clouds, some sun, some *low %* chances for rain
   - *Thursday* - Sunny with a late evening chance of a pop up
   shower..50%...1/10th inch
   - *Friday* - May see carryover AM T-storms...1/10th of an inch
   - *Saturday* - Mostly sunny very slight chance for popup shower... if we
   are lucky
   - *Sunday* - Good chance for a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of rain if you are under
   a T-storm
   - *Monday* - another pop up shower or two...maybe 1/10th inch???
   - *Tuesday* - a little stronger chance for 1/2 inch of rain
   - *Wednesday* - *Thursday*....*Sunny????*

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