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Karren Price and Kenneth Florence aren't timid in airing each others perceived dirty laundry

Former Shelby County district attorney Karren Price and current assistant district attorney Kenneth Florence aren't timid in airing each others perceived dirty laundry. Florence pulls out a judge's recent agreement with a convicted murderer's appeal argument. It claims price poorly handled a capital murder case twelve years back. District Judge Charles Mitchell has found that Ms. Price has a demonstrated pattern of committing prosecutorial misconduct. According to Florence, someone who has done this before repeatedly, as the findings say, shouldn't be voted into the office again. Price returns fire pointing out Florence's connection with former Shelby County DA Lynda K. Russell, who for more than three years has been under investigation by the justice department on corruption charges and named in a class action civil lawsuit alleging highway robbery of minority drivers. According to Florence, he was hired after allegations came to light and was not involved in any of that. Price recants that Florence left the DA's office when he thought the fire was a little hot, and then came back when he thought the fire was turned down so he could get this appointment, maybe to shield himself from some liability, Price said. The primary runoff is July 31, with early voting taking place July 23 to 27.

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