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Rep. Chris Paddie Capitol Update


With the budget passed out of the House, there are several other important pieces of legislation that have begun moving.  Things in the Legislature are definitely heating up as we head into the final weeks of the 85th Legislature.
Last week, the House State Affairs committee heard over four hours of testimony on HB 2899, which would prevent cities from enforcing ordinances allowing men in women's restrooms and locker rooms.  This law provides an enforceable, limited government solution that will help to keep our daughters, sisters, and mothers safe in these intimate spaces.
Last week, the House debated and passed my bill, HB 100, which provides a statewide regulatory framework for transportation networking companies, such as Uber and Lyft.  By providing sensible, predictable regulation across our state, we are maintaining Texas' business friendly reputation and also speeding up the roll out of these services to smaller towns and rural areas.  HB 100 should help to provide the same transportation solutions that are currently available in the metroplexes.  
The House also passed HB 21 which would overhaul our broken school finance system.  It would also serve to increase state funding to our public schools, which would go a long way towards retaining quality teachers and helping prepare our children for their futures.
A few weeks ago, I told you that the State Affairs Committee had passed SB 4, the sanctuary cities bill.  I am pleased to announce that last week, I made a motion in the Calendars Committee to set SB 4 for debate.  As a result, the full House will debate SB 4.  I look forward to passing this bill and making sure that all of our law enforcement officers are enforcing our immigration laws.
The Select Committee on State and Federal Power and Responsibility also met to pass HJR 39, which calls for an Article V convention to amend the US Constitution to reign in the runaway federal government and require the federal government to live within its means, like you and I do.  I cast my vote in favor of advancing this legislation and look forward to debating it before the full House.
Last week, I was pleased to meet with some of our local elected officials and a group of East Texas doctors to discuss legislation that is being considered this session.  I find that most of the best ideas and perspectives come from back home, not Austin.  If there is an issue that you would like to discuss with me, please contact me at or 512-463-0556.

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