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Railroad Commissioner Sitton Launches Virtual Reality Tour


Commissioner Ryan Sitton and the Railroad Commission are now using 360-degree technology to take Texans on a virtual reality tour of Texas energy. Texans can join Commissioner Ryan Sitton and San Antonio District Director Travis Baer on an Eagle Ford Shale drilling rig. The tour takes Texans onto the rig floor, underneath the rig to the blowout protector and even next to a herd of cattle grazing nearby. The educational tool debuted at Earth Day Texas on April 21.

This is a fantastic opportunity, where Texans can hear the sounds of a drilling operations and almost reach out and touch the drilling pipe. Its as close as you can get without actually setting foot on a rig, Sitton said. One of my goals as Railroad Commissioner is to educate Texans about where their energy comes from and virtual reality tours are a great way to give adults and children an opportunity they would not otherwise have to learn about the oil and gas industry.
The tour gives Texans the opportunity to experience the first step in the oil production process and learn how the Railroad Commission ensures that the operation is conducted safely and responsibly. Viewers start the four-minute tour at the entrance of the rig site and are taken step by step through the main components of the rig. 
The tour is free and available on the Railroad Commissions YouTube channel. Viewers may use iOS or Android, and no virtual reality glasses are necessary. Viewers using computers should click and drag the mouse to see a 360-degree view.

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