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Paddie Capitol Update


This Capitol Update comes to you in the midst of the House's debate of the budget for the next biennium.  
As we've discussed before, passing a budget is the only thing that each legislature is required to do according to the Texas Constitution.  During the budget debate, we decide how to spend the valuable tax dollars that you the taxpayers have entrusted us with.  We debate everything from education priorities to healthcare spending to border security.  This is the most wide ranging debate of each session.  I look forward to reporting back to you with the highlights of the House budget after we complete this marathon debate.
Even while we conduct this crucial debate, the other business before the legislature continues on.  Last week we debated an important measure that will ensure that more people have access to mental healthcare and substance abuse assistance through their medical insurance.  Mental health issues are one of the most pressing issues that face our local law enforcement and present throughout every facet of our penal and healthcare systems.  Anything that we can do to provide more mental health resources will be a benefit in many facets of society.
The House also passed legislation to facilitate tele-medicine for pediatric health providers in rural areas.  In East Texas, access to healthcare is one of the most important issues that we contend with.  Any measures that we can pass to make sure that all of rural Texas has access to top-notch healthcare will continue our quality of life in rural areas.
Last week, the State Affairs Committee continued hearing pro-life bills, which is one of the important charges of this committee.  We heard a bill that would end the cause of action for wrongful death.  That means that you could not sue your doctor if your child is born with birth defects, through no fault of the doctor.  We also heard a bill that would end the authority of a doctor to enter a do-not-resuscitate order without the consent of the patient.  I look forward to sending both of these bills to the entire house for debate.
It was great to have many of our local realtors and optometrists in Austin.  It is always wonderful to see so many East Texans in Austin advocating for issues that are important to them.  If you plan to be in Austin at any point during the remainder of the session, please make sure to reach out to me at 512-463-0556 or

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