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Comptroller Glenn Hegar Distributes $620 Million in Monthly Sales Tax Revenue to Local Governments


*(AUSTIN)  *Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar announced today he will send cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts $620.2 million in local sales tax allocations for April, 4.9 percent more than in April 2016. These allocations are based on sales made in February by businesses that report tax monthly.
The cities of Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin saw noticeable increases in sales tax allocations, Hegar said. The cities of Sugar Land, McAllen, Irving and Grand Prairie saw noticeable decreases.
*LOCAL SALES TAX ALLOCATIONS (April 2017)*  *Recipient* *April 2017*
* Allocations*  *Change from*
*April 2016*  *Year-to-date*
*Change*  Cities 
$397.8M 2.8%  2.6% *Counties* $36.8M 4.8% 0.1%  Transit Systems $144.1M 7.4% 3.8%  *Special Purpose Taxing Districts* $41.5M 18.3% 10.4% Total *$620.2M* *4.9%* *3.2%* 

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