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Rep. Chris Pattie Update


Last week was another busy one in Austin as the House and Senate continued committee hearings and chamber debates.
Last week the House of Representatives passed the Railroad Commission Sunset bill that I talked about previously.  I am glad to see this bill move on for Senate debate, and hopefully passage, so that we can continue to have the fair and strong regulator that we need to have a vibrant oil and gas industry.
The Calendars Committee also met to set the budget for debate.  I am looking forward to debating the spending priorities for our state and passing a conservative, transparent budget.  It is worth noting that the House budget reduces spending from state funds by one billion dollars.  
We also had the first meeting of the Select Committee on State and Federal Power and Responsibility.  This committee heard resolutions on a wide range of topics, from urging Congress to pass a balanced budget (and a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution) to urging Congress to reimburse Texas for the costs we have had to bear to secure the border.
Last week I presented bills in the Committees on State Affairs, Transportation and Licensing and Administrative Procedures.  I was encouraged by the responses from the committee members and look forward to having the committees vote on these bills to bring them to the whole House for debate and a vote.  HB 100 was also voted out of the Transportation Committee last week, bringing us one step closer to a reasonable and predictable set of statewide regulations for transportation networking companies.  With this regulatory framework, I am confident that we will see these companies began to move into more rural areas.
I was honored to have many East Texans in Austin last week advocating on a wide range of issues from cancer treatment to the Teacher's Retirement System.  If you are going to be in Austin or have an issue that you would like to make me aware of, please make sure to reach out at 512-463-0556 or  

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