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Tenaha Super Independent Letter about Bomb Threats


Ladies and Gentlemen,
TISD has been the victim of repeated threatening phone calls that have
resulted in little more than a disruption to the normal activities of the
school day. At this time, agents from law enforcement ranging from local
Tenaha police up as high as the Texas DPS and the FBI are working diligently
to identify and locate the perpetrator(s). School officials are also working
diligently to make adjustments to local policy and reactions to these type
of calls as well. These calls are most likely a hoax in nature. However,
they are being taken beyond seriously and it is our intention to apprehend
the person responsible for these felonious acts.
I would ask that the public in general help us by doing three things:
1) trust that the proper steps are being pursued. While this is and has
likely been a hoax of sorts, we are considering it a terroristic threat and
also considering all possible threats that could be related to the nature of
these calls.
2) relax--- relax when you see or hear of law enforcement on scene. As
superintendent, I have requested additional visible law enforcement presence
as a show of safety and security. Their presence is to help deter any real
threats, but also to be extra sets of eyes and ears to provide further
protection for our kids.
3) help- if you hear of anything. If your kids hear anything said, please
report it to Mr Jeter. There's a high probability that this is a kid doing
this. These threats are occurring at the same time of day each time. The
pattern is forming, and a case is building.
Please take heart that I also have three kids here. I will do everything I
can to ensure their safety as well as the safety of all of our Tenaha
students and staff. There is nothing I want more at this point than to see
an arrest and prosecution to the full extent of the law.
Thank you for your trust and continued support.

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