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Hope Medical Partners With UT Health Northeast and American Cancer Society


March was National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and starting this month Hope Medical Community Center is offering free colorectal cancer screenings.  Through a partnership with the American Cancer Society and UT Health Northeast these screenings are able to be offered through a large cancer research grant. The hope is, with the assistance of this grant funding, to be able to offer everyone in East Texas age 50-75 the ability to be screened for colorectal cancer.  
According to Mike Belgard, PA-C with Hope Medical, he was approached by a representative of the American Cancer Society offering to participate in this program and his interest was peaked. His interest was even greater when he was informed it's free.  
According to Belgard if something is found, every bit of treatment and therapy is 100% paid. A lot of times for programs offering a service like this there can be limitations on how many participants can qualify, Belgard says there is no limitation on how many patients can be entered into the program. 

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