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Brother Assaults Sister


On March 20th at approximately 9:00 am Sgt. Detective Faulkner was notified by Center Middle School recourse Officer Shad Sparks that a student there arrived and showed signs of physical abuse. Officers arrived on scene and met with Principal Henson and the child's teacher Matt Duvone.  Mr. Duvone stated that the child had come to school all year long wearing long attire.  He also informed officers that the child was special needs and 12 years old.  
Early that day he had his students doing exercises and asked the child to take off her jacket, because it was hot.  He then noticed several circular burn marks on her arms.  He then let officers know that there had been several previous reports filed with the Child Protective Services regarding the child's hygiene and cleanliness.  The school had made several attempts to contact the parents, but the child's father would not speak to school officials, nor would allow anyone in the home to speak to the school when they came to the residence.  The police interviewed the little girl and she claimed that her brother Crecensian Gracia was in a gang as she put it "are in a gang and do bad things", she claimed he along with his neighbor and fellow gang members held her down and prodded her with what she called "a hot stick".  
She was taken to Nacogdoches, Texas to meet with a S.A.N.E agent Lisa King and a further exam was conducted.  Ms. King noted that the child had hygiene issues and there was a small tear on her genitals.  Crecensian Arellano Garcia was arrested by the Center police department, on the charges of Engaging in organized criminal activity, aggravated assault and/or assault causing bodily injury, injury to child, elderly, or disabled individual.  Two other juveniles were arrested also.  He has since been transferred to the Shelby County Jail, where he is still currently incarcerated with a total bail set at $140,000.     

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