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Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle wanted to notify the public of an important drug
seizure within the Parish.  An investigation was launched by the DeSoto
Parish Sheriff's Office Narcotics Division in reference to illegal narcotics
involving black tar heroin and crystal methamphetamine.  Over the course of
the investigation, which lasted several weeks, Agents were able to establish
a suspect and locate a residence the narcotics were believed to be possessed
and distributed from.  Agents were able to apprehend the subject and recover
1 ounce of black tar heroin and 1 ounce of crystal methamphetamine, which
was estimated to have a combined street value of about $2,700.00.  The
suspect, identified as Joey M. Comoza (W/M - DOB: 08/19/1977) of Mansfield,
LA, admitted to Agents to using the narcotics for personal consumption as
well as distributing them to other individuals.  Following the apprehension,
Agents obtained consent to search the residence believed to have been used
to distribute the narcotics.  During a search of the residence, Agents
discovered a large amount of drug paraphernalia commonly used in the
consumption of narcotics.  Mr. Comoza was arrested and later booked into the
DeSoto Parish Detention Center on the charges of Possession of Heroin with
the Intent to Distribute and Possession of Schedule II CDS with the Intent
to Distribute.
Sheriff Arbuckle would like to stress to the public how dangerous heroin,
especially black tar heroin, is to consume.  Black tar heroin is formed from
the incomplete acetylation of morphine and is normally injected into the
body intravenously and sometimes subcutaneous (into the skin, not directly
into a vein).  The drug is known to be highly addictive due to it being an
opioid and is considered highly dangerous.  The side effects include
possible overdose due to the unknown purity of the drug, exposure to HIV and
AIDS due to unsanitary conditions or the use of a single needle between
multiple users, the narrowing and hardening of veins (known as venous
sclerosis), as well as a much higher risk of life-threatening bacterial
infections such as necrotizing fasciitis (also known as flesh eating
Anyone with information related to any illegal narcotics use or distribution
is asked to contact our office at (318) 872-3956.


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