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Teens Get Paid to Join Research Team


Shelby County Teens! Would you like to earn a $25 spending card Thursday? You can do this by talking to other teens Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 about drugs and alcohol. And you would be helping a research team of four people from Texas A&M complete their Summer Research project.
The research team will come to the Piney Woods Outreach Center to conduct focus groups—one with teens age 13 to 18 and the other, at the same time, with the parents of those teens in another room. The general discussion will be about alcohol and drugs, but you don’t have to have any experience with either alcohol or drugs! And what you say is confidential, that is, the teens and the parents will have totally separate conversations.
The information will be reported in general with nobody having any way of knowing who said what.
It’s not that often that you can get paid just for listening and talking and giving your opinion. You’ll also be helping your county and the agencies that serve the people in Shelby county!
Only one child from each household can be in the discussion –no brothers or sisters allowed! And each teen must have one, but only one, parent, or step-parent, or guardian or whoever takes care of the teen in the home to take part in the discussion in the other room. We want all kinds, male, female, young, old, all races and cultures. You can invite your friends, and there will be refreshments, so this could be fun! It will be interesting for sure!
The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council (ADAC) from Lufkin is helping put this together for the Public Policy Research Institute (PPRI) of Texas A&M. It will be successful only if 15 teens and 15 parents come to participate. You are needed!
To be a part of the group you must be on the RSVP list before the event. The earlier the better! Call Pam at 620-687-1495.
Act now—get your teen, get your parent, get your friends. Set aside 2 hours from 4 to 6 p.m. Come have some food and communicate with others from Shelby County about drugs and alcohol, and get reimbursed! $25 gift card for teens and $100 for parents.  620-687-1495. Call now.
Remember: Call 620-687-1495. Leave a message. She’ll call you back.

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