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Regular Meeting of the Joaquin Independent School District Board
Notice is hereby given that on the 21st day of June 2016 the Board of Trustees of the Joaquin School District will hold a regular meeting at 6:00 p.m., at the Administration building, Joaquin, Texas.
The subjects to be discussed are listed on the agenda attached to and made a part of this Notice.  If, during the course of the meeting covered by this Notice, the Board of Trustees should determine that a closed session of the Board of Trustees is required, then such closed session as authorized by the Texas Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code, Section 551.001 et seq., Texas Education Code, will be held by the School Board at the date, may conveniently meet in such closed session concerning any and all purposes permitted by the Act, including, but not limited to the following sections and purposes:
Texas Government Code Section:
§551.071  An executive session will be held for the purpose of having private consultation with the Board’s attorney 
when the governmental body seeks the advice of its attorney about pending or contemplated litigation or a settlement 
offer, or on a matter in which the duty of counsel to his client, under the Code of Professional Responsibility of the 
State Bar of Texas clearly conflicts with the Act.
§551.072  Deliberation of the purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real property if deliberation in an open meeting 
would have a detrimental effect on the position of the governmental body in negotiations with a third person.
§551.073 Deliberation of a negotiated contract for a prospective gift or donation to the governmental body if 
deliberation in an open meeting would have a detrimental effect on the position of the governmental body in 
negotiations with a third person.
§551.074  Deliberate the appointment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of a public officer or 
employee; or to hear a complaint or charge against an officer or employee.
§551.076 Deliberate the deployment, or specific occasions for implementation, of security personnel or devices.
§551.082 Deliberate a case involving the discipline of public school child or complaint or charge brought against an 
employee of the School District by another employee and the complaint or charge directly results in a need for a hearing.
§551.0821 Deliberate a matter regarding a student or students where personally identifiable information about students 
will necessarily be revealed by the deliberation.
§551.083  Deliberate the standards, guidelines, terms or conditions the board will follow, or instruct its representatives to 
follow, in a consultation with a representative of an employee group.
§551.084  Exclusion of witness from hearing.
§551.127  A governmental body may use a video conference call to hold an open or closed meeting and a member or 
employee of a governmental body may participate remotely in a meeting of the governmental entity by means of a video 
conference call if that participation complies with the requirements and provisions of this section.
§551.129 A governmental body may use a telephone conference call, videoconference call, or communications 
over the Internet to conduct a public consultation with its attorney in an open meeting of the governmental body or a private consultation with its attorney in a closed meeting of the governmental body.
Education Code 39.030
39.030  Discuss or adopt individual assessment instruments or assessment instrument items.
Should any final action, final decision, or final vote be required in the opinion of the School Board with regard to any matter considered in such closed session, then the final vote shall be either:
(a) in the open meeting covered by the Notice upon the reconvening of the public meeting; or
(b) at a subsequent public meeting of the School Board upon notice thereof; as the School Board shall determine.
JUNE 21, 2016 AGENDA
1     Roll call, establishment of quorum, call to order – Joaquin ISD shall have one member via 
       video conference call – Texas Government Code Section 551.127 (See Attached Code)
2     Invocation and Pledges of Allegiance
3     Audience Participation – In accordance with Joaquin ISD Policy BED Local no presentation   
       shall exceed five minutes.  Delegations of more than five persons shall appoint one person to 
       present their views before the Board.
4     Report/Information items:
4.1 Review Monthly Financial Reports – Joel Bumback, Director of Finance
4.2 Quarterly Investment Report – Joel Bumback, Director of Finance
4.3 Garza County fund Report
4.4 Discuss dates for Team of 8 training and other Board trainings requirements 
4.5 Correspondence
5     Agenda Items for consideration and possible action:
5.1 Minutes from previous month’s meeting
5.2 Dual Credit policy request 
5.3 Approve TASB FFA local policy on Student Welfare Wellness and Health Services
5.4 Approve Proposed Tax Rates and set date, time, and place for the Notice of Public 
meeting to discuss Proposed Tax Rate on July 18, 2016
6     Enter Closed Session
6.1 Resignations, hiring and Contracts – 
     Texas Government Code §551.074 (See Attached Code)
a. Resignations
b. Teacher positions
6.2 Value of Real Property 
     Texas Government Code §551.072 (See Attached Code)
7     Return to Open Session - Agenda Items for consideration and possible action:
7.1 Resignations, hiring and Contracts 
a. Resignations
b. Teacher positions
7.2 Authorize sale of property 
8     Recommendations for items to be placed on agenda for next Board meeting
9     Designation of date and time of next meeting of the Board of Trustees of the 
       Joaquin ISD – July 18th at 6:00 p.m.
10   Adjournment
On this 16th day of June 2016, this Notice was mailed to news media that had previously requested such Notice and an original copy was posted on the bulletin board outside the School District Administration Building at 1:00 p.m. on said date.
Phil Worsham, Superintendent
June 16, 2016

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