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Property Tax Protest and Appeal Procedures

The law gives property owners the right to protest actions concerning their property tax appraisals. You may follow these appeal procedures if you have a concern about:
The market or appraised value of your property
The unequal appraisal of your property
The inclusion of your property on the appraisal roll
Any exemptions that may apply to you
The qualification for an agricultural or timber appraisal
The taxable status of your property
The local governments which should be taxing your property
The ownership of property
The change of use of land receiving special appraisal
Any action taken by the chief appraiser, appraisal district or appraisal review board that applies to and adversely affects you.
Informal Review
For information about informal review and obtaining property tax records, call the appraisal district at (936) 598-6171.