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Timpson Teacher of the Year

It is my pleasure on behalf of the Timpson High School Faculty to introduce Ms. 
Kay Dawson.   She graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with 
Masters Degree in Education .
 In 1965 she was seeking advice to help her determine what she would do with 
her future.  The advice she was given encouraged her to 1.) Get married 2.) Be a 
teacher or 3.) Be a nurse.  Mrs. Dawson decided to teach, and is still teaching and 
inspiring THS students to learn, take chances and do the very best job they can 
do!  Each day brings a new experience after 42 years of teaching.  When Kay 
started her career as a teacher she said lesson plans were hand written, student 
work was written on the chalkboard, students performed drill and practice 
exercises as a part of daily class work, classrooms were cold in the winter, you 
clean your own classroom and teachers had to hand crank on a mimeograph 
machine to just get a few copies of a worksheet when they were allowed to get 
them.   Today teaching is more exciting than ever and she teaches in a classroom 
that is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, cleaned daily for her, and has 
every possible teaching / learning tool at her fingertips.   She believes that every 
day presents a unique set of learners for her to encourage and inspire.  As a 
teacher she feels that it is her responsibility to foster an environment that 
provides students the tools to grow academically.  Mrs. Dawson has retired twice 
and returned to work in the classroom each time because she believes teaching is 
a lifelong calling.  THS is honored to present Ms. Kay Dawson as our campus 
representative for the Shelby County Teacher of the Year Program.  

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