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Construction Plans for Highway 59

Construction of a new railroad bridge at Business 59 North in Lufkin will require the roadway to continue to be closed to traffic, but officials are hoping to open it to limited traffic by March 1.

The A&NR Railroad underpass/bridge will remain closed as Austin Bridge and Road, contractors for the project; continue to work toward laying temporary tracks for necessary railroad operations. The old bridge will be removed in coming weeks and a full width of roadway will be constructed prior to opening the roadway to partial traffic. A permanent bridge will then be built. The $11.3 million project is scheduled to be completed in late 2016.

Construction on SL 287/US 59 will also continue as Webber, contractors for the $52 million project, work to complete approaches for the two newly constructed U-turn bridges. Eastbound main lane pavement is being set and construction of the frontage road is on-going. Landscape irrigation will be set in coming days, with the estimated completion date for the project set for March.

Other construction and maintenance work planned for the coming week include:


US 59/FM2021: Workers will be installing the concrete median barrier and traffic will be shifted to its permanent configuration. Minor curb and island installation will also be completed.

FM 706: Contractors will safety treat fixed objects from SH 103 West to US 69 North. This work includes cutting and restoring pavement to install new cross culverts. Lane closures are expected throughout the week in this area.

US 59 South: Maintenance crews will work to straighten barrier walls that will require the northbound and southbound connectors to be closed to traffic part of the week.


US 59/SL 224: Contractors will continue removal of the cloverleaf and work on the new westbound exit ramp. Storm sewer is being placed along US 59 in advance of the widening at Spradley Street. Utility crews also continue to relocate through the project.

SL 224: Contractors are working on guard rail and culverts at various locations from SH 7 East to US 259.

FM 1878: Road excavation will continue as construction of the subgrade and pavement begins from North Street to Clark Boulevard.

FM 1648: Maintenance crews will be leveling road base.


US 287: Construction crews will begin striping the newly constructed left and right turn lanes.

FM 1988: Columns will be set along with abutments for the bridge replacement at Long King Creek. Bridge replacements will also continue on Hubert Cemetery Road at Dickens Branch, on Kelly Road at Menard Creek and on Soda Loop  East at Bluff Creek.

Various locations: Maintenance crews will work to patrol and repair potholes, pick up litter and perform ditch work as needed.


SH 21: Two construction projects continue from FM 1280 in Austonio to SH 7 near Crockett that will extend drainage structures in preparation for reconstructing and widening the pavement.

SH 7: Contractors continue to work to add a passing lane west of the city of Kennard. Work to extend drainage structures is ongoing in preparation for the pavement widening.

FM 2967: Road base work will be done from FM 132 to SH 21 West.

SH 7 East: Road base work will be done at various locations.

SH 19 South: Maintenance crews will work on road base at various locations from Loop 304 to the city of Lovelady.


US 59/FM 2914: Workers will continue to haul embankment at the overpass and install retaining walls.

FM 224: Maintenance crews will work on drainage issues at various locations.

FM 980: Maintenance crews will clean and replace delineators at various locations.


US 287: Contractors will begin to rehabilitate the pavement through the city of Groveton. Drainage structures will be set as work begins.


US 96: Traffic has been shifted and barriers placed as contractors continue to work on the new bridge at Ayish Bayou.

FM 705: Crews will safety treat fixed objects from SH 147 to the end of the pavement.


US 84: Construction crews continue to work on the TX/LA bridge at the Sabine River. The eastbound bridge deck is complete and railing is being constructed. Traffic will be shifted in coming days as the demolition of the old bridge begins.

FM 139: Crews will safety treat cross drainage structures and guardrails.

CR 4323: Bridge approaches at Flat Fork Creek and Mill Creek and relief structures near Tenaha will continue.


FM 1: Maintenance crews will work on leveling up roadway in various locations.

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