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Shelby County 2015 4-H & FFA Broiler Show & Auction

     The 2015 East Texas Poultry Festival broiler sale brought over $113,098 with the grand champion pen of broilers selling for $8,000.00.


     97 Shelby County 4-H and FFA youth exhibited at this year's show, with 50 pens of broilers making the sale.  We would like to give special thanks to the Judge Alisa Zulkowski for taking the time to come judge the show.  Ms. Zulkowski spoke to several of the exhibitors and gave them several tips of how to grow an outstanding Broiler.


The Results of the show are as follows:


     Aaron Gilchrist of Shelbyville 4-H sold his grand champion pen of broilers to Farmers State Bank for $8,000.00.


Lance Holloway of Center 4-H won reserve champion honors with his pen of broilers, which sold to McAdams Propane for $4,000.


     Other county 4-H and FFA members selling their pens and buyers were:


3.  Justin Hooper, Joaquin FFA; Shelby Savings Bank, Hunter Buildings,     General Shelters, Ray Jones Chevrolet; $1,750.00


4.    Lane Loggins, Shelbyville 4-H; Shelby County Farm Bureau; $1,500.00


   5.  Emilee Elliott, Center 4-H; Borders Poultry; $3,250.00


6.  Chance Shuemaker, Joaquin FFA; Cornerstone Construction; $2,250.00


7.  Deakon Kay, Shelbyville 4-H; Automotive Collision Specialist; $2,250.00


8.  Caleb McDonald, Center FFA; Sandhill Foundation and Granny Borders; $3,999.00


   9.  Levi Birdwell, Center 4-H; Wiggins Farms; $1,750.00


  10. Logan Holloway, Center 4-H; Borders Poultry/Heritage Land Bank; $2,750.00


  11. Colby Lout, Center 4-H; R&D Distributing; $2,500.00



12. Chandler Pritchett, Joaquin FFA; LOS-O’Rears; $1,250.00


13. Brynna Birdwell, Wiggins Farms/Balcony; $2,000.00


  14. Mason Barbee, Shelbyville 4-H; East Texas Poultry/Ace Hardware of East Texas; $2,750.00


15. Anna Holland, Tenaha FFA; Shelby Savings Bank, Nacogdoches Bottling Co., Ray Jones Chevrolet, General Shelters, Hunter Buildings; $2,000.00


16. Autumn Webb, Joaquin FFA; Citizens Bank, Center Tire, Mettauer Law Firm, Few Ready Mix, Payne’s Community News, Payne’s Rentals, Ward Animal Clinic, Light & Champion Newspaper, Greer Charolais, Roscoe McSwain Commissioner, Precinct 1; $1,500.00


  17. McKenzie Burgay, Timpson FFA; Cobb Vantress; $2,700.00


18. Brayden Britt, Center 4-H; 4-C Electric, Center Glass; $1,750.00


19. Madelynn Hutchins, Joaquin FFA; Hutchins Oilfield Services; $2,750.00


20. Kensleigh Loftin, Joaquin FFA; K&L Contractors, JML Enterprises, Ultra, Klein Brothers Rodeo, EXCO, Automotive Collision Specialist, Common Disposal $1,500.00


21. Kaden LaRock, Center FFA; Fish & Still, Inc., Atwood (Buddy) & Paula Kay, Smith Sawmill Service, Shelby Veterinary Service, Hudson Auto Parts, McDonald & Sons Hardware; $1,500.00


  22. Michelle Gomez, Center 4-H; Texas Quick Care; $1,400.00


  23. Hagan Craig, Center 4-H; Venado Creek; $2,600.00

  24. Kadence Polley, Center 4-H; MDD Enterprises; $1,700.00


  25. Tanner Doggett, Joaquin FFA; Shelby Savings Bank, Hunter Buildings, General Shelters, Nacogdoches Bottling Company, Ray Jones Chevrolet; $1,900.00


  26. Bethany Lindgren, Timpson FFA; Cobb Vantress; $1,400.00


  27. Abi Hooper, Joaquin FFA; Texas State Bank; $1,700.00


28. Camryn Crouch, Center 4-H; East Texas Poultry/Ace Hardware of East Texas; $2,600.00


29. Chandler Burgay, Timpson FFA; Tyson-Carthage; $2,500.00


30. Trista Britt, Center 4-H; Hawkeye Hunting Club; $1,400.00


31. Katie Hamilton, Joaquin FFA; Shelby County Farm Bureau; $1,800.00



32. Tyce Scarber, Center 4-H; East Texas Poultry/Ace Hardware of East Texas; $2,900.00


33. Amanda Yates, Timpson FFA; Cobb Vantress; $1,700.00


34.  Clayton Hinton, Shelbyville 4-H;  First Financial Bank; $2,200.00


35. Alec Dykes, Center 4-H; Shelby Savings Bank, Hunter Buildings, Nacogdoches Bottling Company, Ray Jones Chevrolet, General Shelters; $1,600.00

36. Wesley Wages, Center 4-H; Link Charolais; $1,500.00


37. Clarissa Menefee, Center 4-H; Tyson-Carthage; $1,900.00


38. Lauren Neal, Joaquin FFA; Cornerstone Construction; $1,700.00


  39. Dustin Weir, Joaquin FFA; Sabine State Bank, Judge Charles Mitchell,

John  Black Insurance, Dairy Queen, Bounds Insurance, Dean’s Hardware, Worsham’s Grocery, Steel Building Supply, Elliott Waldron Title Co., Fairchild Law Office, County Judge Allison Harbison; $1,500.00


40.  Ruben Soto, Center FFA; Triple J Feed; $1,500.00

41.  Ryker Tomlin, Center 4-H; Venado Creek; $2,200.00

42.  Collyn Grammer, Center 4-H; Spartan Structures; $2,000.00

43.  McKenna Williams, Center 4-H; Wiggins Farms/Balcony; $2,300.00

44.  Maddox Hutchins, Joaquin FFA; Joaquin FFA; $2,600.00

45.  Clay Snider, Center FFA; Shelby Savings Bank, Hunter Buildings, Nacogdoches Bottling Co., General Shelters, Ray Jones Chevrolet; $1,500.00


46.   Dawson Kay, Shelbyville 4-H; Auto Collision Specialist, Inc.; 1,800.00

47.  Tucker Scarber, Center 4-H; McAdams Propane; $3,999.00

48.  Klay Atkison; Joaquin FFA; Shelby Savings Bank, Hunter Buildings, General Shelters, Nacogdoches Bottling Company, Ray Jones Chevrolet; $2,000.00


49.  Rebekah Bridges, Tenaha FFA; Sandhill Foundation; $3,300.00

50.  Aspen Pritchett; Joaquin FFA; Shelby Savings Bank, Hunter Buildings, General Shelters, Ray Jones Chevrolet, Nacogdoches Bottling Co.;  $2,200.00


Aaron Gilchrist, a senior at Shelbyville High School, will be awarded a $500 scholarship from Shelby Savings Bank for being the highest placing senior with his pen of broilers at Shelbyville’s awards ceremony. 

Thanks go to Boles Feed for the purchase of the wing bands and the wing-banding for the broilers.



Also contributing to the sale were:  Farmers State Bank, McAdams Propane, Shelby Savings Bank, Hunter Buildings, General Shelters, Ray Jones Chevrolet, Nacogdoches Bottling Co., Shelby County Farm Bureau, Borders Poultry, Cornerstone Construction, Automotive Collision Specialist, Sandhill Foundation, Granny Borders, Wiggins Farms,  Heritage Land Bank, R&D Distributing, Balcony, 4-C Electric, Hutchins Oilfield Services, Texas Quick Care, Venado Creek, MDD Enterprises, Texas State Bank, Hawkeye Hunting Club, First Financial Bank, East Texas Poultry, Ace Hardware, Deep East Texas Electric Coop,  Center Glass, Triple “J” Feed, K&L Contractors, JML Management, Ultra, Klein Brothers Rodeo, Heritage Land Bank,   Citizens Bank/Center, Heritage Land Bank, Sabine State Bank, Tyson-Carthage, KUUL Pads, Cobb Vantress, Timberlake Farms, Spartan Structures, LOS, Common Disposal, Shelby Veterinary Services, Center Tire, Fish & Still Equipment, Odessa Link, Link Charolais, Atwood & Paula Kay, MDD Enterprises, Few Ready Mix, Mettauer Law Firm, Judge Charles Mitchell, Light & Champion Newspaper, Steel Building Supply, Worsham Grocery, Dean’s Hardware, Campbell Portable Buildings, John Black Insurance, Ward Animal Clinic, Monco Motor Co., Fairchild Law office, Elliott Waldron Title Co., Ihlo Sales & Imports, Wright, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Wayne Christian Financial, Greer Charolais, Dairy Queen, Bounds Insurance, Payne’s Rental, McDonald & Sons Hardware, Payne’s Community News, Hudson Auto Parts, Shoope Insurance, Mack O’Rear Real Estate, Shelbyville Grocery, Dance Furniture, Wheeler Law Office, Keith Oswalt Logging, County Judge Allison Harbison, Automotive Collison Specialist, EXCO, Roscoe McSwain-Commissioner Precinct 1, and Smith Sawmill Services.  

We would like to take this time to say “thank you” from the Shelby County 4-H and FFA members, and the Broiler Show Committee to Contributors for their generous contributions and to the many volunteers that help make the annual “Broiler Show” the great event that it is every year!

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