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9-1-2015 weather view

Plenty of LOW and HIGH pressure systems across the US will create mixes of warmer and cooler air masses to give some opportunities for some widely scattered showers and T-storms even into East Texas over the next several days. Not a lot of rain associated with the forecast, but at least it is in the forecast.
The following is an update on the tropical weather:   
   - ATLANTIC....Coast of Africa: TS Fred will increase in strength to Hurricane level 1 in next 24 hours, but is already beginning its Northward bend into cooler waters and will not affect the US.
   - GULF...Invest 90(what is left of Hurricane Ericka) has very widely mixed directional forecasts from movement toward Florida's panhandle and North,,,, to LA coast entry to the West.  It is currently moving due West into warmer waters of the Gulf and bears watching closely to see if it strengthens. 
   - GULF...More bands of rain and T-storms moving from the Southern part of the Texas Coast toward the Houston area and could present opportunities for us for some rain if the intensity is sustained.
   - PACIFIC...Still very active. Hurricane Kilo will once again increase in strength and become a cat 4 hurricane and will become a Typhoon as it crosses the dateline.
   - PACIFIC...Hurricane Ignacio is a level 1 hurricane and is located just North of the Hawaiian Islands. It is turning North and will die off as it hits the cooler waters.
   - PACIFIC...Hurricane Jimena is also retaining it s cat 4 status, but is also showing signs of turning North in to cooler waters where it will fall to a Cat 1 in 48 hours or so.
   - PACIFIC..Tropical Depression 14E continues to make for the Baja and Mexican coast. If it holds together it could give some impetus to rain in Texas

The graphic below reflects the directional models made by weather agencies across the world.

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