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Heat Stroke: Protecting pets during a heat wave

(CBS - New Orleans)

On hot days the SPCA provides shade from the sun, even fans with misters.

"Dogs  are only put outside for ten or fifteen minutes at the maximum," said  SPCA
Animal Control Officer Amanda Pumilia. "They need to get out of  their cage and 
exercise, but they also don't need to be in the heat.  We've got ample fresh water."

SPCA Animal Control Officers say they respond quickly to reports of dogs left in
 unshaded back yards.

"Unfortunately  it's not unusual," said Pumilia. "People will leave their pets outside  all of the time. We're really concerned about it."

"Somebody put a small dog in a plastic carrier on the porch," said Jeff Dorson.

Jeff  Dorson of the Humane Society says he got there before that  dog got sick, but he sent pictures from around the area in recent  months of dogs left in back  yards without shade.

"So we call this  the 'backyard dog syndrome,' where it becomes almost a lawn ornament
out  in the back yard, chained up in really primitive, harsh environment,"  said  Dorson.

You know when the temperatures are this hot, we need  to take extra precautions  because of the heat. If we need to, the  experts will tell you that you need to  take care of your pet as well, so  they don't get exposed to too much of the sun.

"They should  always have water available to them," said Pumilia. "Water should  never  be left in the sun, because a hot do will never drink hot water to cool off, so having water out there is useless. make sure they have a really  good shelter provided for them."

"Don't relegate them to the back  yard, they want to be a part of your family," said Dorson. "They want to  be inside when it's hot."

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