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Former DeSoto Parish School superintendent makes restitution

Former DeSoto Parish School Superintendent and current State education board member Walter Lee has reimbursed the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education some $13,000 that state auditors said he owned for improper payments received for travel and lodging over a three-year period.


The 80-year old Lee made the payment on Sept. 15, and on the same day, was paid travel and per diem expenses from the board of education that have been held since December until he made restitution.


Lee allegedly double-dipped for travel and hotel expenses related to his Board of Elementary and Secondary Education service on the on the DeSoto Parish School Board’s credit card then failed to repay the district after being paid by the state for the same invoices.


Lee was indicted in January on felony theft and fraud charges, and in August for four misdemeanor indictments for theft. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.


Lee retired from the DeSoto Parish School Board in November 2012.


His next court date in DeSoto District Court is Dec. 10.