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Center PD issues press release on Tyson bomb threat incident

On 10-08-2014 at approx. 8:30am, the Center Police Department received a 911
call from an unknown/unidentified caller. The caller stated that he had
overheard subjects at Tyson Foods in Center say that a bomb was going to
detonate at 9:00am. Officers from the Center Police Department along with
the Shelby County Sheriff's Department responded to Tyson Foods on
Shelbyville St in Center.
The plant was evacuated according to Tyson Protocol. A survey of the
property was performed by the Center Police Department and the Sheriff's
Department. Tyson Safety Officers, who are familiar with the plant,
thoroughly searched the facility inside and out and assessed that there was
no present danger. Following Tyson Protocol, the workers were then allowed
to return to work.
This incident is being investigated by the Center Police Department, along
with the Shelby County Sheriff's Department, Texas Rangers and the Federal
Bureau of Investigations.