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Poultry Festival Photography Show winners announced


This year’s photography show was a huge success! All of the entries were exceptional and the judges certainly had a tough group of photos to work with. Thanks to all the competitors and volunteers for their interest and hard work.

A very special thanks to Dr. Charles R. Collard and his staff, for their support and help in converting the optical clinic to a photo gallery and the members of the Piney Woods Photographic Society for helping to host the exhibit and greet all those who attended.

"People's Choice" is still voting until 5:00 pm Friday, October 3, 2014. Please encourage everyone to come and view the exhibit and vote for their favorite photograph.

Adults Animals
1st - Janice Carter
2nd - Donna Holt
3rd - Jessica Renfro
Honorable Mention - Diantha Renfro

Adults Urbans
1st - Janet Hughes
2nd - Janet Hughes 
3rd - Krista Elliott

Adults Flowers
1st - Janet Hughes
2nd - Donna Holt 
3rd - Janet Hughes
Honorable Mention - Bobbie Jean Wood

Adults Fine Art
1st - Bobbie Jean Wood 
2nd - Billie Jones 
3rd - Janice Carter
Honorable Mention - Jonathan Liker

Adults Digital Manipulation/Photo Restoration
1st - Krista Elliott

Adults Poultry
1st - Bobbie Jean Wood 
2nd - Bobbie Jean Wood 
3rd - Donna Holt

Adults Scenics
1st - Lea Ann Robertson
2nd - Janet Hughes
3rd - Lea Ann Robertson
Honorable Mention - Bob Lacher

Adults People
1st - Jonathan Liker 
2nd - Lea Ann Robertson 
3rd - Bobbie Jean Wood

Adults Best of Show
Janet Hughes, Carthage, TX

Youth Animals
1st - Julie McSwain
2nd - Andres Leon 
3rd - Changcai Wang
Honorable Mention - Konner Windham


Youth Flowers
1st - Andres Leon
2nd - Konner Windham

Youth Scenics
1st - Carsen Vickers
2nd - Julie McSwain
3rd - Konner Windham
Honorable Mention - Marissa Birdwell

Digital Manipulation
1st - Julie McSwain 
2nd - Marissa Tomlin
3rd - Bianca Leon

Youth Best of Show
Carsen Vickers, Joaquin, TX

Children Fine Art
1st - Lance Holloway
2nd - Haven Heiman 
3rd - Emilee Elliott

Children Scenics
1st - Gracelyn Olivas
2nd - Gracelyn Olivas

Children Flowers
1st - Michelle Gomez
2nd - Haven Heiman
3rd - Emilee Elliott

Children Animals
1st - Michelle Gomez
2nd - Lieza Klein
3rd - Gracelyn Olivas
Honorable Mention - Haven Heiman
Honorable Mention - Lance Holloway

Children Poultry
1st - Lance Holloway

Children People
1st - Lieza Klein
2nd - Michelle Gomez
3rd - Gracelyn Olivas
Honorable Mention - Gracelyn Olivas

Children's Urbans
1st - Haven Heiman

Children's Best of Show
Lance Holloway, Center, TX