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Animal rescue service started in Shelby County, donations needed

It’s hard not to see the overpopulation of unwanted dogs running around Shelby County. Hoping to do something about the problem is Lacy Griffin of JNL Rehabilitation Services and Rescue. Ms. Griffin opened a facility earlier this year, and says the decision was made after several garbage bags of abandoned dead puppies were found in the Huxley area earlier this year.


Ms. Griffin says the service was started to rescue any abused and unwanted animals, train them for special rehab services if possible, adoption, child services, and life companions. She’s working from her home near Joaquin, (and has room for only 30 dogs), and says there are plans to hopefully move into a larger facility, soon.


She adds there's no government funding or any outside organization involved in the helping to fund the project, strictly local donations and out-of-pocket funding. She states that an animal rescue is needed in Shelby County.


Ms. Griffin adds it takes about $7,000 a month to feed and care for the animals, with only a small amount of assistance available. To help with the costs of feed, she said donations can be left at Boles Feed in Center.


Also, a raffle is being held for a .243 rifle to be given away Oct. 15. Tickets are $10 each, or discounts for more, and are available by calling her or stopping by Boles Feed in Center.


With winter coming on, she said donations of barrels and bedding are needed.


To make a monetary or supplies donation to JNL Rehabilitation & Rescue, contact Lacy Griffin at 855-329-3126. You can also find out more by going to their Facebook page or website.