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Grubbs' murder trial enters Day 3 of testimony

During Day 2 of testimony in the Deedra Grubbs’ Capital Murder Trial in Center, the prosecution called several witnesses to the stand to establish that Deedra Grubbs and her husband Bobbie, were involved in a robbery April 25, 2012, at a Montgomery County home, and were on the run from law enforcement, eventually ending up in Shelby County.


Grubbs’ sister, Nancy McCuwen told the jury she had advised her sister via a text message to turn herself in, knowing that she and Bobbie were in trouble for incident in The Woodlands. Ms. McCuwen added she thought her sister was doing drugs.


A former neighbor of Deedra Grubbs also testified that she was contacted by Grubbs asking her to pick up her daughters after school, and take care of them if anything happened to her and Bobbie. Michelle Joplin said after she picked up the girls, police arrived at her home, along with CPS and took possession of the children.


Another friend of the Grubbs, Jimmy Stockton testified he also received a text message from Deedra Grubbs asking him to pick up her two daughters, which he said no to. Stockton said he knew of drug use by both the Grubbs.


A Lufkin gold buyer also took the stand showing documentation, including a copy of a drivers’ license, that Deedra Grubbs had been in his store with jewelry to sell.


Also yesterday, several law enforcement officers took the stand, including the ones that responded to the shooting scene at the Joaquin Country Inn, as well as those involved in the stop of the Grubbs outside Cleveland in the stolen vehicle taken from Joaquin. A picture of Bobbie Grubb's shoe, covered in blood was also shown.


Deedra Grubbs is accused of being her husband’s accomplice in the violent crime spree that ended with the shooting death of Joaquin Country Inn housekeeper Martha Chan, and shooting assault of two other employees on April 27, 2012.


If she’s found guilty, Deedra Grubbs faces life in prison without possibility of parole.


Day 3 of testimony continues this morning in District Judge Charles Mitchell’s courtroom.

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