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S. W. Carter Elementary School students competed in the District 22AA South Zone Elementary School Academic UIL Meet held at Shelbyville on December 4th and 6th.


“Students, sponsors, administrators, and parents are to be commended for the commitment required by academic competition,” said Lisa Parker, UIL Assistant Director.  “Experience gained through extracurricular activities is far more valuable than medals or trophies.”


 Receiving awards from Shelbyville:



Presley Campbell – Creative Writing

Travis Caporali – Listening Skills 5

Travis Caporali – Social Studies 5

Sophie Ellington – Ready Writing 3

Sophie Ellington – Spelling 3

Gaylon Harrison – Number Sense 4

Ethan Jackson – Number Sense 5

Maddie Lout – Art Smart 4/5

Eddie Turk – Ready Writing 4



Campbell Chase – Maps, Graphs & Charts 5

Campbell Chase – Number Sense 5

Jaylee Gillespie – Oral Reading 4

Riley Hopkins – Art Smart 4/5

Ethan Jackson – Dictionary Skills 5

Ethan Jackson – Social Studies 5

Caleb Jamison – Ready Writing 3

Jayleigh Jones – Ready Writing 5

Kaylyn Thompson – Spelling 3

Eddie Turk – Spelling 4

Heavenlee Willoughby – Listening Skills 5



Bailee Bohannon – Oral Reading 5

Irianna Herrera – Spelling 3

Cori Lawson – Ready Writing 4

Ella Matthews – Art Smart 4/5

Trinity Mitchell – Spelling 5

Westin Murphy – Spelling 4

Karma Sholar – Oral Reading

Kaden Sims – Music Memory 3/4

Eddie Turk – Number Sense 4

Tristan Vickers – Music Memory 5



Riley Hopkins – Oral Reading 5

Addison Lloyd – Number Sense 5

Neveah Lee – Spelling 5

Addison Sowell – Creative Writing

Kaylynn Thompson – Ready Writing 3

Caitlynn White – Maps, Graphs & Charts 5

River Wilkison – Music Memory 3/4



Presley Campbell – Storytelling 3

Jayleigh Jones – Music Memory 5

Maddie Lout – Dictionary Skills 5

Dallas McDonald – Storytelling 2

Peyton McGee – Oral Reading 4

Harley Risinger – Spelling 5



JaRihanna Cartwright – Storytelling 2

Cyndi Glenn – Creative Writing

Ethan Jackson – Music Memory 5

Maddie Lout – Oral Reading 5

Bryan Martinez – Spelling 4

Angelli Ortiz – Dictionary Skills 5




Art Smart 4/5 – Maddie Lout, Riley Hopkins, Ella Matthews

Listening Skills 5 – Travis Caporali, Addison Lloyd, Heavenly Willoughby

Social Studies 5 – Travis Caporali, Ethan Jackson, Angelli Ortiz

Spelling 3 – Sophie Ellington, Irianna Herrera, Kaylyn Thompson

Spelling 4 – Bryan Martinez, Weston Murphy, Eddie Turk

Number Sense 4 – Gaylon Harrison, Aiden Swindle, Eddie Turk

Number Sense 5 – Ethan Jackson, Campbell Chase, Addison Lloyd




Dictionary Skills 5 – Ethan Jackson, Maddie Lout, Angelli Ortiz

Maps, Graphs & Charts 5 – Cami Chase, Jasie LeBlanc, Caitlynn White

Music Memory 3/4 – MaKaylon Henderson, Kaden Sims, Carolina Warr, River      


Music Memory 5 – Ethan Jackson, Jayleigh Jones, Harley Risinger, Tristan

     Vickers, Heavenlee Willoughby

Spelling 5 – Neveah Lee, Trinity Mitchell, Harley Risinger











































Shelbyville Middle School students competed in the District 22AA South Zone Middle School Academic UIL Meet held at Shelbyville on December 4th and 6th.  


“Students, sponsors, administrators and parents are to be commended for the commitment required by academic competition,” said Lisa Parker, UIL Assistant Director.  “Experience gained through extracurricular activities is far more valuable than medals or trophies.”


Receiving awards from Shelbyville:



Aubree Camp – Editorial Writing 8

Jagger Hudman – Ready Writing 8

Kara Jones – Oral Reading 8

Taylor Jones – Calculator Applications 6

Liela Klein – Editorial Writing 7

Liela Klein – Oral Reading 7

Lexi Lout – Calculator Applications 7

Carsey Lovell – Ready Writing 6

Elizabeth Marin – Spelling 6

Tamryn Murphy – Spelling 7

Kendall Murry _ Number Sense 8

Kason Parker – Maps, Graphs & Charts 7

Kason Parker – Number Sense 7

Lindsey Sanzhez – Calculator Applications 7

Abby Shofner – Number Sense 8

Malachi Sierra – Number Sense 6

Ava Silva – Impromptu Speaking 6-8

Jasmine Stutts – Science II



Aubree Camp – Impromptu Speaking 6-8

Aubree Camp – Oral Reading 8

Bradley Jamison – Listening Skills 7

E. J. Hendrix – Maps, Graphs & Charts 7

Jayda Hopkins – Dictionary Skills 8

Elizabeth Marin – Dictionary Skills 6

Elizabeth Marin – Mathematics 6

Elizabeth Marin – Number Sense 6

Zoe McKinney – Dictionary Skills 7

Hallie Merriman – Oral Reading 7


Trinity Mitchell – Art Smart 6

Trinity Mitchell – Listening Skills 6

Ava Silva – Science II

Gracie Slocum – Modern Oratory 6-8

Jacob Smith – Maps, Graphs & Charts 6

Kaylin Smith – Editorial Writing 6

Kylie Snell – Mathematics 6

Kayden Stutts – Music Memory 6



Parker Chase – Spelling 6

Chance Gray – Dictionary Skills 6

Kara Jones – Modern Oratory 6-8

Taylor Jones – Maps, Graphs & Charts 6

Alexis Lout – Mathematics 7

Carsey Lovell – Music Memory 6

Tamryn Murphy – Oral Reading 7

Angelli Ortiz – Art Smart 6

Katelynn Risinger – Dictionary Skills 8

Malachi Sierra – Chess Puzzle 6-8

Kaylin Smith – Number Sense 6

James Spencer – Maps, Graphs & Charts 7

Tristan Vickers – Listening Skills 6

Baylee Whiteside – Oral Reading 6

Jamarria Wright – Ready Writing 7



Delaney Bass – Impromptu Speaking 6-8

Logan Brantley – Social Studies 7

Aubree Camp – Number Sense 8

Lilly Crawford – Mathematics 8

Eli Ferguson – Calculator Applications 7

Eli Ferguson – Spelling 7

Lily Haley – Listening Skills 6

E. J. Hendrix – Number Sense 7

Dakota Jones – Listening Skills 8

Taylor Jones – Oral Reading 6

Gracie Leach – Maps, Graphs & Charts 8

Gracie Leach – Listening Skills 8

Lane Loggins – Listening Skills 7

Hallie Merriman – Editorial Writing 7

Tamryn Murphy – Dictionary Skills 7

Dylan Parker – Science I

Kason Parker – Mathematics 7

Thomas Powell – Social Studies 6

Ava Silva – Calculator Applications 8

Ava Silva – Oral Reading 8

Baylee Whiteside – Maps, Graphs & Charts 6

Wyatt Willoughby – Music Memory 6



Tay Una Allen – Dictionary Skills 8

Aubree Camp – Ready Writing 8

Caleb Davis – Chess Puzzle 6-8

Jayda Hopkins – Mathematics 8

Dakota Jones – Listening Skills 8

Dakota Jones – Spelling 8

Gracie Leach – Calculator Applications 8

Gracie Leach – Science II

Collin Lloyd – Maps, Graphs & Charts 8

Collin Lloyd – Mathematics 8

Chloe Musico – Editorial Writing 8

Levi Porter – Social Studies 7

Jacob Smith – Social Studies 6

Alex Slocum – Calculator Applications 6

NaKyia Swindle – Number Sense 7

Jedd Wagstaff – Social Studies 8

Jamarria Wright – Spelling 7



Yadhira Anaya – Modern Oratory 6-8

Edgar Buendia – Chess Puzzle 6-8

Bethany Ghea – Art Smart 6

McKenzie Gillaspie – Social Studies 6

E. J. Hendrix – Science I

Jayda Hopkins – Calculator Applications 8

Jayda Hopkins – Maps, Graphs & Charts 8

Jabria Jones – Oral Reading 6

Liela Klein – Ready Writing 7

Elizabeth Marin – Ready Writing 6

Eli Shofner – Spelling 6

Addison Slocum – Calculator Applications 6

Kayden Stutts – Dictionary Skills 6

Maggie Turk – Listening Skills 8

Chesney Wilkins – Social Studies 7





Calculator Applications 7 – Lexi Lout, Lindsey Sanchez, Eli Ferguson

Dictionary Skills 8 – Tay Una Allen, Jayda Hopkins, Katelynn Risinger

Listening Skills 6 – Trinity Mitchell, Tristan Vickers, Lily Haley

Mathematics 6 – Taylor Jones, Elizabeth Marin, Kylie Snell

Maps, Graphs & Charts 6 – Taylor Jones, Jacob Smith, Baylee Whiteside

Maps, Graphs & Charts 7 – Kason Parker, E.J. Hendrix, James Spencer

Number Sense 6 – Malachi Sierra, Elizabeth Marin, Kaylin Smith

Number Sense 7 – Kason Parker, E.J. Hendrix, NaKyia Swindle

Number Sense 8 – Kendall Murry Abby Shofner, Aubree Camp

Science II – Gracie Leach, Ava Silva, Jasmine Stutts

Spelling 7 – Eli Ferguson, Tamryn Murphy, Jamarria Wright



Art Smart 6 – Trinity Mitchell, Angelli Ortiz, Bethany Ghea

Calculator Applications 6 – Taylor Jones, Alex Slocum, Addison Slocum

Calculator Applications 8 – Ava Silva, Gracie Leach, Jayda Hopkins

Chess Puzzle 6-8 – Malachi Sierra, Caleb Davis, Edgar Buendia

Dictionary Skills 6 – Chance Gray, Elizabeth Marin, Kayden Stutts

Dictionary Skills 7 – Zoe McKinney, Tamryn Murphy, Rileigh Powell

Listening Skills 7 – Bradley Jamison, Lane Loggins, Kayla Garcia

Listening Skills 8 – Gracie Leach, Dakota Jones, Maggie Turk

Maps, Graphs & Charts 8 – Jayda Hopkins, Gracie Leach, Collin Lloyd

Mathematics 7 – E. J. Hendrix, Alexis Lout, Kason Parker

Mathematics 8 – Lilly Crawford, Jayda Hopkins, Collin Lloyd

Music Memory 6 – Carsey Lovell, Kayden Stutts, Wyatt Willoughby

Science I – E. J. Hendrix, Dylan Parker, James Spencer

Social Studies 6 – Thomas Powell, McKenzie Gillaspie, Jacob Smith

Social Studies 7 – Logan Brantley, Levi Porter, Chesney Wilkins

Social Studies 8 – Dakota Jones, Mikey Stringer, Jedd Wagstaff

Spelling 6 – Parker Chase, Elizabeth Marin, Eli Shofner



Art Smart 7/8 – Shelby Holloway, Ionnia Hubbard, Chloe Musico, NaKyia Swindle

Spelling 8 – Tucker Clark, Jagger Hudman, Dakota Jones












The District 22AA Middle School One Act Play competition was held at Panola College on November 28th.  The Shelbyville One Act Play placed second in the competition.  Receiving special recognition:

Best Actress – Kendall Murry

All-Star Cast – Ava Silva

Honorable Mention All-Star Cast – Emily Bautista, Jacob Smith, Clay Dean





Tenaha Middle School Band Students Earn Region Honors

This past Friday, Tenaha took 30 kids to audition for the Region 21 East Zone Middle School Band and 13 of these students earned a chair!  We believe both numbers are records for Tenaha.


 Additionally, with 13 students earning a chair, Tenaha tied with Center, Carthage, and Henderson for having the most students earn a chair in the Region Band!  In total, 24 schools districts brought students to this event.


We are so proud of our kids!  We can only imagine what these students will continue to accomplish over the next few years.... The future continues to be so bright for the Tenaha band program!


Here are the students that earned a chair:
Angelica Sandoval- 8th Chair Flute
Dafne Pelcastre- 7th Chair Clarinet
Jesel Gonzalez- 10th Chair Clarinet
Jessica Aguilar- 16th Chair Clarinet
Britney Barona- 20th Chair Clarinet
Paola Perez- 21st Chair Clarinet 
Misael Hernandez- 7th Chair Trumpet
Daniel Loredo- 8th Chair Trumpet
Ka’Nyia Hill- 7th Chair Trombone
Kornelia Hill- 8th Chair Trombone
Jesus Castillero- 3rd Chair Tuba
Joshua Alcantar- 5th Chair Tuba
Alex Tyner- 2nd Chair Percussion



Timpson ISD Bond Phase 4

Timpson ISD has completed the fourth phase of their $9,000,000 Bond Improvements which passed in May of 2016. This phase includes an Event Center, seating approximately 800, with a UIL theatrical stage and Gymnasium. The 53,000 square foot Event Center designed by McKinley Golden Associates of Lufkin, and Constructed by Berry and Clay of Rusk, also contains a separate girls and boys weight room with training facilities, offices and locker rooms. The fifth phase, the college center, will be completed shortly.


Shelbyville Band-members Earn Spots in All-Region Band

The ATSSB (Association of Texas Small School Bands) Middle School and High School All-Region band auditions were held on December 7th and 8th. The following students earned a chair/alternate in the region band:


Ava Silva:  B-Flat Clarinet, MS Alternate


Naomi Caporali:  B-Flat Clarinet, HS Symphonic Band
Emily Bautista:  B-Flat Clarinet, East Zone MS Band


Krislynn Joseph:  B-Flat Clarinet, HS Alternate 

Alexis Lout:  Bass Clarinet, East Zone MS Band


Our clarinets are taught by Kasi Trent-Ashley, Asst. band director. We are proud of all our Shelbyville Dragon band students that auditioned at the contest and look forward to seeing our band members represent Shelbyville at the All-Region Bands concert on January 19, 2019, at Chapel Hill High School.


Naomi Caporali Advances to AREA

Naomi ranked high enough in the clarinet section to qualify for the Area competition. On January 12, she will go to Chapel Hill and audition for the ATSSB All-State Band. Congratulations, and good luck at the next round of competition.    We are Dragon Proud!


Deshmond Johnson -Band Director

Kaci T. Ashley-Assistant


Our Lady Of Guadeloupe Parade

St. Thresa Catholic Church sponsors an annual parade each December in Center Texas for Our Lady of Guadalupe  -- walking from the downtown square out to the church. Walter "Buster" Bounds filmed the parade Sunday.




San Augustine To Play Mason Punchers Thursday

The San Augustine Wolves will play the Mason Punchers in the Class 2A Division I state semifinals Thursday night at 7:30 at Waco High School.


Center Broadcasting Company will broadcast the game live on KXXE 92.5 FM. Tracy Broadway will call the play-by-play. Pre-game will begin at 7:00 p.m. Thursday. Listeners may also listen live on or by searching for KXXE on the tune-in app on their smart device.

The 2018 Football State Championship Semi-final football game will be held this Thursday night at 7:30pm in Waco, TX. The Wolf Pack will take on the Mason Punchers at Waco ISD Stadium. The address of the stadium is 1401 S. New Road, Waco, TX. It is approximately a 3 ½ - hour drive from San Augustine. We are the Visitor and tickets are $7 each. District passes are accepted as well as Senior Citizen passes.

San Augustine ISD will dismiss at 1:00pm on Thursday, December 13. On Friday morning, December 14, there will be a 2 hour delayed start for SAISD.

Virginia Liepman Ed.D

Superintendent of Schools - San Augustine ISD





If Santa Claus ever had a helper it was my mother-in-law, Leta Howell.  Though she has been gone from among us for 34 years, her love of the Christmas season has inspired all of her children to do many of the things that she did.  She was a minister’s wife and thus understood the true meaning of Christmas, and she passed that along to everyone she knew.

Though she was educated with college and seminary degrees, she retained the roots of her upbringing in the plains of West Texas.  While living in the piney woods of East Texas, she began several Christmas traditions.


“Granny” Howell was an excellent seamstress.  She made Christmas stockings for each family member.  She used red felt for the main stocking, then she put a green border around the top.  As grandchildren and great-grandchildren were born into the family, she would make sure the new baby would have its own stocking to hang across the fire place mantle.  She stuffed each stocking on Christmas Eve with candy, fruit, and simple useable gadgets.  Near the end of her life, the Christmas stockings were almost too numerous to hang on the mantle.  This tradition has been taken up by many of her children and grandchildren, most of whom are now married with families of their own.


One Christmas, she got the idea of making red outfits for all the members of her family.  The good seamstress that she was, she made red suits for every one to wear on Christmas day.  Even her husband, Rev. Howell, got a new red coat to wear.  She sewed for months on them, and gave each family member their red outfits on Christmas Eve, in packages wrapped in red paper.   On Christmas morning everyone donned their red clothes, and the house looked like a collection of walking poinsettias.  Rev. Howell continued to wear his bright red coat every Christmas until his death in December of 2006.


Now you know who put the red in Christmas.





P.O. BOX 511
936-275-6986 (cell )










VFW Pearl Harbor Memorial 2018








The local VFW Post 8904 and the auxiliary held a memorial on Friday, Dec. 7, 2018, inside of the historic Shelby County 1885 courthouse. The group normally meets outside but due to the rain, the meeting was held inside.


Mr. Larry Hume VFW Post Quartermaster gave a speech about Pearl Harbor and the group discussed Pearl Harbor.


Taps was played and the event ended with a group photo taken by the local media.




For more photos click here:











Tenaha City Council Meeting




Notice is hereby given that a special called meeting of the governing body of the City of Tenaha will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018, at 5:15 p.m. in the City Hall Council Meeting Room located at 238 North George Bowers Drive in Tenaha, Texas. 


If during the meeting, any discussion on items on the Agenda should be held in executive session, the Council will convene in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, Government Code Section 551.101 and Texas Revised Civil Statutes.


Order of Business

1.Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3.Welcome Guest/Prayer/Pledge
4.   Closed Session pursuant to Tex. Govt Code 551.071 (Attorney Consultation): Consideration of Consent Decree in Cause No. 2:08cv288; Morrow et al v. City of Tenaha, et al; in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas (Marshall Division)
5.  Open Session – Action, if any, on Items Discussed in Closed Session
6. Adjourn






Two-Vehicle Crash on HWY 59



SHELBY COUNTY – The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) investigated a two-vehicle crash on the morning of Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018, on U.S. 59, about two miles south of CR 4754.


The preliminary crash investigation indicates at approximately 5:30 a.m., a 2016 Peterbilt truck tractor semi-trailer was traveling north. The driver of a 2016 Ford pickup, also traveling north, reportedly failed to control its speed and struck the trailer being towed by the Peterbilt.


The driver of the Peterbilt is identified 43-year-old Donald Williams, from Timpson. Williams was not reportedly injured during the crash.


The driver of the Ford is identified as 23-year-old Geardo Dehoyos Jr., from San Antonio. Dehoyos was transported to a Nacogdoches hospital for treatment.


This crash remains under investigation. No additional information is available at this time.












San Augustine County Judge Samye Johnson to Retire







Shelby County Crash



SHELBY COUNTY – The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) investigated a one-vehicle crash on the afternoon of Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018, on SH 7, about one-half mile west of CR 1234.


The preliminary crash investigation indicates at approximately 4 p.m., a 2013 Ford pickup was traveling east on SH 7. The driver of the pickup reportedly drove off the roadway to the right and struck the guardrail on the east side of the highway. After striking the guardrail, the vehicle went into a side skid and struck the guardrail a second time before overturning in the roadway.

The driver of the pickup is identified as 17-year-old Parker Hagler (female), from Nacogdoches. Hagler was not reportedly injured during the crash. No additional information is available at this time.








Football Scores


San Augustine 43

Tenaha 17


Mart 59

Muenster 0


Newton 79

Dangerfield 12


Fort Bend Marshall 47

Huntsville 43






Salt Water Truck Overturns Update





Early on Dec. 6, 2018, a salt water truck belonging to VC Operating out of Center, TX overturned at the intersection of loop 500 and highway 7 east outside of Center, TX.




TxDOT, DPS, and the Center Fire Department all responded.  The Center Fire Department responded at around 6:09 a.m. According to on-scene report, the driver was hospitalized, with minor injuries a cut on his head.


There were no fatalities as a result of this wreck. Hazmat services responded and cleaned the scene and Hopkins Wrecker had the truck towed away by approximately 8:30 a.m.





Video Coverage:







Letter From the San Augustine County Judge Samye Johnson




As shown on the Commissioners Court Agenda that was sent to you yesterday, there the will be multiple events associated with12/11/18 court.


We anticipate a greater than usual court attendance and have decided to relocate the December 11, 2018 Commissioners Court from the County Courtroom to the 2nd floor District Courtroom.


The court acknowledges and thank Carman Brown, our San Augustine District Clerk for her generosity in working with us on this matter.


Best regards,




Click here for the agenda:





Post Office Closed Christmas and New Year's




WASHINGTON — Post Offices nationwide will be closed on Christmas Day, Tuesday, Dec. 25 and New Year’s Day, Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2019. All Post Offices will be open and regular mail delivery will resume after the holidays on Dec. 26 and Jan. 2.


Some Post Offices may have extended hours leading up to the holidays, and limited hours on Christmas Eve, Monday, Dec. 24.


New Year’s Eve, Monday, Dec. 31, Post Offices will be open during regular business hours. Customers should always check with their local Post Offices for hours of operation.

Blue collection boxes with final collection times before 12 p.m. (noon) will not be affected by early closing on Dec. 24. If a box has a final collection time after 12 p.m., its mail may be picked up earlier. For mail pickup on Dec. 24, please put your mail into blue collection boxes by noon regardless of the final collection times posted on the box. As a reminder, blue collection boxes are not serviced on Sundays.


Customers who have items to mail after the scheduled pick-up times on Dec. 24 should visit the Postal Locator on to find local Post Offices which may be open late.


The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.









San Augustine Commissioners' Court Meeting



San Augustine Commissioners Court meeting on Dec. 11, 2018, at 9 a.m. click here for the agenda.








Weather Update






Salt Water Truck Overturns



ALERT: A truck hauling salt water has overturned on SL 500 near SH 7 East in Center. Motorists should prepare for delays, reduce speed and stay alert as emergency responders clear the scene.








VFW Pearl Harbor Memorial Invite






Shelby County Commissioners' Court Meeting Results

The Shelby County Commissioners Court met this morning 12-5-18 at the active Shelby County Courthouse and approved and paid the weekly expenses.





Letter from Shelby County Judge Allison Harbison on the Passing of Former President Bush



President George H.W. Bush was a true gentleman, whose life was devoted to public service.  Reports on his character state that he wanted to be remembered as a public servant and not a politician.  Therefore, Shelby County is honoring the memory of our 41st President, George H.W. Bush by being public servants and remaining open on Wednesday, December 5 to serve our citizens.  I am so proud of the legacy that President Bush has given us as a nation and a state, humility, service, and knowing that we live in the greatest nation in the world. 






Shreveport Man Arrested On Terrorizing Charge



Shreveport – On 12-3-18, members of the Louisiana State Police Criminal Intelligence Unit arrested 58-year-old Elbert White, Jr. of Shreveport. 


White, was employed at Overton Brooks Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Shreveport.    After learning he was being terminated, he told a co-worker that he was going to commit a mass shooting at the hospital. 


Upon learning of the threat Veterans Affairs Police contacted LSP-CIU Bossier Field Office and the hospital was placed on lockdown.  LSP-CIU obtained a warrant for terrorizing through Caddo Parish District Court.  Around 9:15 p.m. last night, Troopers from CIU, CID, SWAT and patrol located and arrested White without incident. 


White was booked into the Caddo Correctional Center and charged with terrorizing and violating his parole.


The Louisiana State Police has and will continue to take such threats seriously.





Tenaha PD Drug Search Results in the Arrest of Three People









On Monday, December 3, 2018, Officers with the Tenaha Police Department executed a search/arrest warrant at a residence located on North Rail street in Tenaha.  The search warrant pertained to the Possession and distribution of dangerous and illegal narcotics.  

As a result of this investigation, the occupants of the residence, 29-year-old John C. Jones, 26-year-old Latishana Gray, and 28-year-old Carlton D. Horton of Tenaha, were arrested without incident. 

Jones was charged with Delivery of Marijuana; State Jail Felony, and Possession of Marijuana; State Jail Felony. Horton was charged with Possession of Marijuana; State Jail Felony and Latishana Gray was charged with Possession of Marijuana; State Jail Felony and Possession of Dangerous Drug Class (A) Misdemeanor. 

All three subjects were transported to the jail for booking. Jones, Gray, and Horton are being held in lieu of a combined $30,000 bond.



Among items seized were approximately two pounds of marijuana, illegally possessed prescription pills, drug paraphernalia, packaging materials, firearms, and US currency, used to facilitate sales and purchases of illegal narcotics.

Tenaha Police Department would like to extend thanks to Texas Department of Public Safety (Texas Highway Patrol); Shelby County Constable Pct. 3, Roy Cheatwood and Shelby County District Attorney in partnership, of a common goal, of keeping our state and county clean of illegal activity and for their assistance with the execution of this search warrant.  
Anyone with information regarding criminal activity is urged to contact the Tenaha Police Department at 936-248-3841. All callers can remain anonymous, your tips are one of law enforcements greatest assets. 






Tenaha PD Conducts Drug Bust












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