Arrest Report Archives for 2016-10

October 31, 2016


James Johnson 24 of Tenaha - Original Charge Driving without a lincese


Carlos Torres Coredo 18 of Tenaha - Evading Arrest


David Mcmahon 26 of Joaquin - Driving While Intoxicated


Alexis Dickson - Burgulary


Jeron Foxworth - Burgulary


Arthur Marsh 54 of Joaquin - Criminal Tresspass


Michael Foster 22 of Center - Unlawful restrain, assault causing bodily injury


Melvin Black 57 of Center - No Driver's Lincese, driving while lincese invalid

October 25, 2016


Morgan Ann Magee 33 of Center - Criminal trespass


Kennis Henderson 26 of Center - Possession of a controlled substance, tampering with evidence


Cornelius Richard 18 of Timpson - Burgulary of a Habitation


Joshua David Willett 24 of Greenwood, TX - Public Intoxication


Radley Brocic 46 of Center - Violation of Parol 


Donald Runnels 49 of Joaquin - Criminal Trespass


Clandra Watts 35 of Center - Resisting Arrest, Interfering with public duties


John Mayhaw 49 of Shelbyville - Display fictious registration, Driving without a lincese, No Insurance


Talissia Caraway 32 of Timpson - Public Intoxication, Possession of Marajuana, possession of a controlled substance


Ernest Newsome 34 of Center - False Report


Brent Denby 23 of Center - Violation of probation - Burgulary of a building



October 24, 2016 San Augustine Co


Anthony Holman - Driving While Intoxicated, Disorderly Conduct, Fail to maintain single lane


Roy Edward Marshall - Displaying Ficticious License Plate


Odaniels Williams - Driving While Intoxicated, Fail to Identify



October 21, 2016


Cacedric Ross 36 of Center - Public Intoxication, Failure to Identify


Joshua David Willett 24 of Greenwood, TX - Public Intoxication


Cornelius Richard 18 of Timpson - Burglary of a Habitation


Radley Brocic 46 of Center - Violation of Parole



October 20, 2016 San Augustine County


Eddie L. Wade - Criminal Trespass


Bryan N. Spurgeon - TDJC Ready


Donna D. Bell - Housing for Sabine Co.


Melissa Sowell - Housing for Sabine Co. 

October 19, 2016


Brandon Rushing 30 of Cushin, TX - Criminal Non support, Driving without a lincese x2


Kimberly Smith 52 of Shelbyville - Retaliation, assault


Juan Carlos Perez 29 of Tenaha - Violation of probation original charge driving while intoxicated


Cody Wayne Denby 26 of Center - Violation of probation original charge aggrivated kidnapping x2


Johnie Fester Gamble IV 33 of Center - Explotation of a child and elderly, or disabled person


October 17, 2016


Jamal Henderson 29 Mansfield - 1st Degree Rape


Itnery Stevens 45 of Joaquin - Possession of a controlled substance


Charles Chultz 39 of Crowley, TX - Driving while intoxicated


Corpus Ricardo Jaramillo 21 of Center - Providing alcohol to minors


Chistina Drake 24 of Silbee, TX - Public intoxication


Alexander Antonio Vargas 27 of Nacogdoches - Driving while intoxicated with an open container


Mario Pineda 30 of Center - Simple Assault


Eddie Alabama Keasling 61 of Timpson - Public Intoxication


Vicky Jean Ferguson 46 of Center - Hendering apprehension


John Tyler Bush 26 - Driving while intoxicated

October 14, 2016 San Augustine Co


Elisha Lowe - Housing for Sabine Co


Aaron Gossett Jr. - Housing for Sabine Co


Todd Ledoux - Housing for Sabine Co


Leon Buckley - Sabine Co Blue Warrant 

October 14, 2016


Jonathon Miles 25 of Tenaha - Violation of Probation Original Charge Possession of Marijuana  


James Pounders 35 of Center - Theft, criminal trespass, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a controlled substance, possession of Marijuana 

October 13, 2016


Joshua Mile Bearden 27 of Center - Violation of Probation, theft


Justin Lanborn 25 of Nacogdoches - Unlawful carrying a weapon


Elzie Jinkins 58 of Tenaha - Forgery of Government/National institute money and security.

Arrest Shelby County Recap


Carlos Montez Roland, 33, Center, public intoxication
Samantha Knight, 20, Tenaha, capias warrant
Patrick D. Chapman, 46, Center, public intoxication
Ronald Keith Russell, 52, San Augustine, warrant
Sarah Frances Smith, 25, Tenaha, public intoxication
Chandler Cole Parker, 26, Shelbyville, public intoxication, possession of controlled substance
Deborah Robison, 55, Center, public intoxication
Kathryn Sholars, 33, Center, forgery
Marvin Guzman, 36, Joaquin, Panola warrants
Daniel Joseph Guin, 24, Center, warrant
Jim Reynolds, 50, Buna, possession of controlled substance
Raul Lara-Ortega, 42, Center, abandoning or endangering child w/intent to return
Jeremy Rhodes, 41, Grun, warrant
Brent Denby, 23, Center, public intoxication
James Carson Adams, 26, San Augustine, motion to revoke
Virginia Mozelle Hunter, 48, Center, violation of probation
Joseph Michael Windham, 33, Joaquin, possession of controlled substance in drug-free zone, burglary of habitation
Joseph Randall Gipson, 27, Center, interfering with emergency call, assault — family violence
Brandon McCollister, 32, Center, theft, warrants
Tyler Harville, 22, Joaquin, driving while intoxicated
Jeffrey Scott Wright, 28, Center, order of confinement
Bradley Dillon Porter, 24, Center, unauthorized use of motor vehicle
Michael Ray Allison, 47, Center, criminal trespass
Kannon Woodhatch, 19, Center, warrants
LaTonya Bittick, 35, Center, false alarm on report, engaging in organized criminal activity
Janet Anderson, 43, Center, warrants
Eluid M. Campos, 27, Center, assault
Little Boy Harrison Jr. 22, Center, driving under the influence

October 12, 2016


Cassie Ann Gilman of Joaquin - Criminal Mischief

October 11, 2016 San Augustine Co


Roy E. Marshall - Theft of property


Christopher Ray Dunn - Driving While Intoxicated


Ricky Lynn Bryan - Open Container, Unsafe speed, Driving without a lincese, failure to report accident



October 11, 2016


Jim Brooks 39 of Tenaha - Criminal Mischief


Terrence Williams 26 - Evading Arrest, Possession of Marajuana


Bradon McCollister - Burglary of a Habitation



October 7, 2016


Brando McCollister 32 of Center - Burglary of a building


Little Boy Harrison Jr. 22 of Center - Driving While Intoxicated


Kannon Woodhatch 19 of Center - Forgery, engaging in organized criminal activity


La Tonya Bittick 35 of Center - Forgery, engaging in organized criminal activity


Janet Anderson 43 of Center - Engagin in organized criminal activity, forgery

October 5, 2016


Michael Ray Allison 47 of Center - Criminal Tresspass


Bradley Dillon Porter 24 of Center - Unauthorized use of a motor vechile 


Jeffery Scott Wright 28 of Center - Order of confinement for criminal mischief


John Philip Wrecker 43 of Henderson - Driving While Intoxicated


Tyler Harville 22 of Joaquin - Driving While Intoxicated


Brandon McCollister 32 of Center - Theft


Joseph Randall Bipson 27 of Center - Interfer with emergency call, assault family violence


Joseph Michael Windham 33 of Joaquin - Possession of a controlled substance in a drug free zone, burglary of a habation


Virginia Hunter 48 of Center - Violation of Probation theft 

October 3, 2016 San Augustine Co


Jared M. Nichols - Driving While Intoxicated


Christopher L. Holman - Burglary of a vehcile, terroristic threat, violence of protective order

October 3, 2016


Marvin Guzman 36 of Joaquin - Driving While Intoxicated, assault, family/violence, speeding, No Drivers Lincese


Jim Reynolds 50 of Buma, TX - Possession


Raul Larza 42 Center - Abandond Edangering a child


Daniel Joseph Guin 24 of Center - Possession of a controlled substance





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