Arrest Report Archives for 2016-02

February 26, 2016

Phillipe Falcon 37 of Center – Public Intoxication
Adrian Herrera 34 of San Augustine – Burglary of a Habitation, evading arrest, resisting arrest, failure to Identify, unlawful possession of a fire army by a felon theft of a firearm
Jose Garcia 35 of Center – Driving While Intoxicated

February 25, 2016

Justin Morrison 35 of Pollok, TX – Original Charge Theft

February 24, 2016

Corry Simon 32 of Mt. Pleasant, TX – Evading arrests with a motor vehicle
Brandon McCollister 31 of Center – Public Intoxication

February 23, 2016

Shaddrick McCollister 31 of Center – Criminal Trespass
Johnny Fuller 51 of Center – Theft of a firearm
Rodrick Grace 29 of Timpson – Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle
Thomas Hughes 31 of Garrison – Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle
Michael Tapley 32 of Tenaha – Possession of a controlled substance

February 22, 2016

Brandon Barnes of Center – Violation of Parole
Terry Burch of Center – Possession of a Controlled Substance
Anthony Frederick of Timpson – Driving While Intoxicated
Coreen Burt of Shelbyville – Violation of Probation
Dennis Daniels of Shelbyville – Sale of Alcohol
Rileigh Windham of Center – Abandoning/ Endangering a child 
Dalton Coarrett of Joaquin – Driving While Intoxicated with an open container
Joal Perez of Center – Public Intoxication
Tyra Cruse of Elhart, TX – Public Intoxication
Benjamin Eastman of Elkhart, TX – Possession of Dangerous Drug, credit/debit card abuse

February 19, 2016

Rayford Hutto 46 of Center- Public Intoxication
Saul Hidalgo 46 of Center - Evading on foot

February 18, 2016 San Augustine Co.

Amanda Mclemore – Assault
Clark Yarslee - Evading Arrest Detention
Jackie Homan - Ord. MOD. COMM. SUPV. (30 DAYS)

February 18, 2016

William C. Scotts 29 of Shelbyville – Assualt with a deadly weapon

February 16, 2016

Caleb Norton 23 of Shelbyville – Public Intoxication

February 16, 2016 San Augustine

Jesse Platt – Driving while intoxicated
Kiffany Sparks – Parole violation
Redaryll Davis – Criminal Tresspass
Falbert Garrett – Manufacture and Delivery of Controlled substance  

February 15, 2016

Dona Gale Fitzgerald 59 of Zavala – Theft
Shakeitha Cartwright 32 of Center  Bench Warrant
Connie Carroll 60 – Joaquin – Theft
Larry Horton 62 – Center Driving without a License, vilotioan of parole
Evan Yetter 23 0f Center Possession of Marijuana
Jessica Marshall 24 of Center – Theft
Joey Moon 35 of Sindey, OH – Public Intoxication
Jeremiah Easley 38 of Longview - Violation of Probation, oc forgery
Charmain Mcneail 40 of Sherevport – Public Intoxication
Amadeo Torres 33 of Center – Driving while Intoxicated, with a child

February 15, 2016 San Augustine

Martin Orlando – Criminal Trespass
Michael Rowland – burglary
Jameshka Amburn – Assualt with a deadly weapon
Kevon Barnes – Interfere with public duties, criminal trespass 

February 11, 2016 San Augustine

Lee Wade – Criminal Tresspass
Redell Smith -  Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resisting Arrest, Search or Transport

February 11, 2016

Jarvis Taylor 27 of Shelbyville – endangering a child 


Kayla Gunderman 38 of Center theft by check


Mary Pena 37 of San Augustine – Driving without a License, Possession of a Stolen Firearm


February 11, 2016

Rene Baraetta 31 of Nacogdoches – Fraud used to possess ID information
Jerom Davis 24 of Center – Terroristic Threat to family members
Branda Pennington 29 of San Augustine – Assault, criminal trespass, Expired vehicle registration, no liability insurance, Violation of Promise
Michael Knippers 40 of Carthage – Forgery

February 10, 2016

Joshua Dupree 31 of Center – Assault causing bodily injury, possession of drug paraphernalia
Amber Metcalf 31 of Center - Possession of Marijuana
John Chisonhall 32 of Center – Possession of Controlled Substance, Tampering with evidence
Bryan Green 27 of Center – Failure to Appear in Court, Original Charge Driving with a Suspended License  
Barnard Jackson 41 of Joaquin – Public Intoxication, Injury to Child, Assault Family Violence causing bodily injury  

February 9, 2016

David Tillotson 48 of Joaquin - Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana, Driving without a license.

Amy Windham 39 of Center - Possession of Controlled Substance.
Steven Foster 42 of Center - Indecent Conduct
Tina Jones 46 of Center - Theft
Khiana Starling 21 of Rusk - Possession of Marijuana 
Christopher Dock 32 of Center - Delivery of Marijuana, unlawful possession of a fire arm by a felon
Tony McCollister 22 of Center - Fail to Maintain Finical Responsibility

February 8, 2016

Angelic Horton 20 of Center – Criminal Mischief
Eugene Patton 56 of Tenaha - Theft
Corry Weathford 59 of Shelbyville – Injury to Child
Paco Martinez 54 of San Augustine – Violation of Parole
Jerry Bell 58 of Gamson, TX - Violation of Parole
Lillian Jernigan 17 of Joaquin – Assult
Jarvis Lanard Taylor 27 of Shelbyville - Manufacture of Controled Substance
Juan Salazen 45 of Center - Theft
Alberto Gracia 42 of Center - Theft

February 5, 2016

David Loggett 26 of Joaquin – cruelty to non-farm animal
Wayne Wallace 26 of Quintan, TX – Bench Warrant for arrest
Jahamod Ratcliff 32 of Center – Criminal Mischief
Michael Tapley 32 of Tenaha – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia 

February 4, 2016

Tadil Misic (44) of St. Louis, Missouri – Driving Without a License  

February 1, 2016 San Augustine Co.

Chad Douglas No Dl, No INS
Michael Reynolds Theft by Check 
Ronald Green Hunting Deer in closed season
Jimmy, Stanley Hunting Deer in closed season

February 1, 2016

Timothy Polley (26) of Center Possession of Marijuana


Kay Bussey (48) of Timpson Driving while intoxicated


Justin Bennett (36) of Center original charges, delivery of controlled substances, evading arrest, and evading arrest in a vehicle


Tinston, Driver (26) of Center Possession of Marijuana, tampering with evidence


Anthony Jones (36) of Center Violation of Prole 

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